Charles Bergeron

Interested in...

  • My resume.
  • My LinkedIn profile.
  • After a successful career in academics, I'm interested in contributing 15 years of data science experience to the private sector. My expertise is developing customized algorithms to extract trends and make robust predictions from big, complex, and multidisciplinary data. Let's discuss your needs, my expertise, and how they fit together!
  • I recently created 2 inforgraphics. Find them on my portfolio page, and posted on LinkedIn.
  • While I was a faculty member at ACPHS, I hosted 80 livestreamed Friday Forum seminars. The 11th and 50th are showcased. This series' posters are here.
  • Until recently, I co-organized PechaKucha in Albany. Our most recent PK Night was at Opalka Gallery on Friday 10 February 2017. We had 12 excellent speakers and a great audience of ~200. Stay tuned for the next one!
  • In Albany, I led a weekly group run on Wednesdays evenings through Albany Running Exchange. I also directed the Before the Leaves Have Fallen Half-Marathon run.
  • My Calculus Two textbook. Find it here.
  • My Differential Equations textbook. Find it here.
  • A talk I presented on running at PK Pittsfield in 2016.
  • A talk I presented on Multiple Instance Ranking at ICML 2008.
  • A blog post praising my poster from NYAS 2010.
  • A blog post that I think I influenced.