Middle Level Meet Results

Chittenden County Championship Meet Results

2021 Race Finish Line Videos & Team Pictures

Race 1 Edmunds (Tech Issue..no Video! sorry)

Race 2 Charlotte

Race 3 Colchester, VT Commons, Williston

Race 4 Browns River

Race 5 Camels Hump

Race 6 FH Tuttle

Race 7 Waldorf, VT Day

Race 8 Shelburne, St. Francis

Race 9 Hunt, Mater Christi

Race 10 ADLawton

Race 11 Essex

      • 2020 There was no meet held in this year due to COVID-19.

Williston "John Duncan Memorial" Invitational

ADLawton Invitational

Shelburne/Edmunds Dual Meet

Hunt/Edmunds Dual Meet

Browns River Invitationals

Red Rocks by FHTuttle Middle School

802Timing: High School and other Community Running Race Results