Champion Elementary / Middle School

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A Comprehensive, Well-rounded Program

Balance is The Key to Long-term Success and Happiness

  • World-beating academic progress

  • Rich set of co-curricular activities to inculcate critically important life skills and build and advantage for college application to top-tier universities

      • Debate and Speech**

      • Hands-on Science Projects **

      • Computer Science**

      • Art, Crafts, Music, Dance, Theater

      • Soccer and Basketball

      • Math**

  • ~1.5 hours of outdoor time every day

  • More Free time after school to play, explore and identify one's interests

A Top-tier College -Ivy- Prep Focus

Help Reduce Pressure During High-School Years

  • Build a strong academic foundation to prepare for the rigors of high-school

      • Preview / study of high-school level material during middle-school years

  • Time to hone extra-curricular talents

      • Extremely supportive of students with extraordinary talent in sports or other extra-curricular fields

  • Foster critically important executive skills valued by colleges

      • Research

      • Critical Analysis

      • Creative and Strategic Thinking

      • Collaboration and Organization

      • Persuasive Writing and Argumentation


FREE College Admission Readiness Audit/Strategy Consultation

Please email us to set one up.

A Child Centered Approach

Methods that can Change the Trajectory of Your Child's Education

    • Small Classes

    • FREE 1:1 and/or small-group instruction

    • Practice-intensive methods under teacher guidance

    • More Instruction time for challenging subjects

    • ~1.5 hours of outdoor time every day

    • Kids learn more in a more time-efficient fashion

        • More time for sleep and pursuit of extra-curricular passion

        • An excellent fit for prodigies who need more flexibility and free time after school

High-school Readiness - College Prep - Curriculum

Students are Provided with Opportunities to Challenge Themselves Based on their Own Abilities and Progress

Math: Basic Arithmetic to Calculus level

      • Students are exposed to pre-algebraic concepts as early as 2nd grade

      • All kids participate in multiple Math competitions starting in 1st Grade

      • A typical student ends 8th grade having completed one of the following levels: Geometry, Algebra-2, Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus A/B. ***

      • A rigorous approach with a lot of practice under the guidance of a teacher

Englsh: vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, literature and writing.

      • Most literature books are intended to provide a preview of the classics that a student will study during High School

      • A significant emphasis on critical reading and writing

      • Writing skills are further developed holistically even during the study of History and Science

      • Debate program emphasizes research, critical/creative thinking, and persuasive writing skills

Science: comprehensive areas of study including physical science, life science, chemical science, space science, earth science,

      • Some of the students are offered the opportunity to take high school level courses in Biology and/or Chemistry ***

Social studies: ancient history, world studies and U.S. history, US Government / Civics

      • Some of the students are offered the opportunity to take high school level courses in Micro- and Macro-Economics***

Computer science:

      • Logical thinking skills

      • Programming Skills

      • Computer Science Principals***

      • In addition to core computer science, a few students are offered an opportunity to take advanced topics such as : app design, systems thinking, boolean arithmetic, graph theory

      • Students are also provided opportunities to participate in reputed international competitions

Arts: visual arts, music, dance, theater and orchestra

Physical education: team sports, personal fitness and health topics


***Some of the courses are UC Certified High-School Level Courses

Unmatched Academic Progress

A highly supportive environment naturally accelerates learning

    • A typical continuing student's progress is likely in the top 0.1% in the US

      • Example: Some of the 8th graders are allowed to take high-school level courses such as AP Calculus a/b, AP Micro-economics, AP Macro-economics, Computer Science, Biology and/or Chemistry

      • Example: A typical Kindergartner's reading is at the 2nd grade level or higher

      • Example: A typical 2nd grader is exposed to pre-algebraic concepts

      • Example: All kids are provided with coaching to participate in multiple Math competitions starting in 1st Grade

Financial Aid / Discounts for '22/'23

    • 30% -- Financial Aid

      • If your family Income is less than $100,000 per year and your total assets are also less than $80,000.

    • 25% -- Financial Aid

      • If your family Income is less than $120,000 per year and your total assets are also less than $100,000.

    • 20% -- Financial Aid

      • If your family Income is less than $150,000 per year and your total assets are also less than $100,000.

    • 5% -- Referral Discount:

      • If an other family joins Champion School thanks to your referral, you will receive an equivalent of 10% of their first child's tuition, up to a maximum of $500 for the school year.

      • Can be applied towards each additional family that enrolls thanks to your referral

      • This 10% discount can be combined with any other discount.

      • The Discount will be credited in the March 2021 tuition payment.

    • 5% -- Sibling Discount for the 2nd and 3rd child

Note 1: None of these can be combined with each other or any other discounts, except for the referral discount.Note 2: These discount offers expire on July 10, 2022Note 3: These discounts are only applicable for 2022/2023

Note 4: These discounts are for new families only - never enrolled at school before

Very adjusting / welcoming of students from other types of schools

    • Academic Assimilation

          • Placement into courses is based on Individual Progress

              • Maximize the balance between accelerated learning and happiness

              • Focus is on the needs/abilities of the individual child child, not a predetermined standard

          • Very Supportive environment

              • Extra help offered to every child for either remediation or acceleration

              • Small Classes - higher level of engagement

    • Social Assimilation

          • Small school -> everyone knows everyone- students, teachers, parents

          • Small classes -> classmates are extremely welcoming to a new friend

          • Every new student is assigned a 'buddy to accelerate the assimilation process

          • Staff and teachers are very attentive to the needs of a new student

A Brief Champion School Overview