Courses at Tulane

  • PHIL-1030 Ethics
  • PHIL-3560 Social and Political Ethics
  • PHIL-3660 Anarchy
  • PHIL-6930 Moral Perspectives
  • PHIL-6931 Social Morality
  • PHIL-6740 Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • PHIL-6930 Norms
  • PHIL-6050 Moral Philosophy

I've also directed independent studies at the graduate level on Social Choice Theory, and on Formal Methods in Social Philosophy, and at the undergraduate level on various topics in moral theory, social and political philosophy, and applied ethics.

Theses, Dissertations, and Qualifying Papers I've Directed

Siobhain McGuinness, MA Thesis 2017

Autonomy, Mental Health, and the Right to the Choice of Suicide

Annie Gosserand, Honors Thesis 2019

Ethical Rights of the Child in Medicine

Angelika Robertson, Honors Thesis 2019 (Co-Directed)

Thinking Outside of the Cell: An Analysis of Public Opinion Towards Alternative Sentencing Options

Matti Mortimore, Ph.D. Qualifying Paper 2019

Mutual Advantage and the Status Quo

Pavan Guduri, Honors Thesis 2020

The Duties of an Athlete: A normative analysis of NBA and NFL athletes’ duties as they relate to the interests of the fans and organization

Kennedy Pivnik, Honors Thesis 2020

Morality as a Product of a Market

Colin Threlkeld, Honors Thesis 2020 (Co-Directed)

Freedom for Some: G. A. Cohen on Freedom and Markets Economies

Daniel Dzah, Ph.D. Dissertation in progress (Co-Directed)

The Ethics of high-skilled migration: Defending the non-restrictionist position

Other Thesis/Dissertation Committees

Non-Identity Problem (Honors Thesis, 2016)

The Nature and Value of Moral Distress in Medical Practice (Dissertation, 2017)

Doing Good Better: Ethical conceptions of international volunteer tourism for health interventions in the northern Dominican Republic (Honors Thesis, 2019)

The Nature of Luck and its Role in Moral Assessment (Dissertation, 2019)

The Politics of Freedom: Simone de Beauvoir, Hannah Arendt, and Simone Weil (Honors Thesis, 2020)

From Confinement to Community: Comparing Juvenile Justice Approaches in New Orleans and Barbados (Honors Thesis, 2020)

Education and Attitudes (Honors Thesis, 2020)

The Sword and the Staff: Thomas Hobbes and John Locke on Religion and Political Authority (Dissertation, in progress)

On the Difference Between Epicurean and Marxian Materialism (Dissertation, in progress)

Siobhain McGuinness, MA Thesis Defense 2017

Annie Gosserand (winner of the Senior Scholar award) Honors Thesis Defense 2019