Chad Bordes

Someone recently asked me to describe myself and I was at a loss to find one single metaphor. I am a chameleon of sorts and I suppose you could say I’m an original. I’m a writer, as I love that particular form of expression. I consider myself a healer, not of the physical but the emotional kind. Friends and colleagues have deemed to label me an empath for having the uncanny ability of relating to people and speaking the same language when at times not a single word is spoken. I’m definitely a fighter and I have had my fair share of foibles and struggles. But above all, I’m a lover of humanity.

Having toiled away in the corporate world my entire life, my short-lived epiphany was to give back; I removed myself from most social media now it’s my turn to pay if forward. I’m not a therapist, however I combine an avid intellect with a keen understanding of the human spirit. My doctrine perpetuates a sense of the humane, that and a deep-rooted desire to help, since my career started as a trainer and much of that time was spent assisting folks through their mental blocks.

I co-wrote a book with my dad, based on his life called “The Ruination of Dylan Forbes”. It’s a different kind of book and you’ll have to read it and let me know what the hell it’s all about. My second soon to be “claim to fame” if you can call it that, is a biopic piece called, “Food, Water, Air and Within”. I’m a straightforward individual and cut through the BS; I don’t sugar coat my opinions or my views. I admire folks like Mike Rowe cuz he’s candid and cuts through the horseshit. I was fucking bummed about Tony Bourdain. He was a was a revolutionary both with thought and word. His demons won but if he’d talked to someone, maybe he’d still be here today.

Sometimes you don’t need a professional to grasp an understanding of who the hell you are and where you perceive your existence. It sounds somewhat nonconformist, but haven’t you noticed that when you’re overwhelmed, spiritually, physically, mentally and most definitely emotionally, you’ve felt infinitely better unloading to a friend and sometimes even a total stranger? It’s after that you realize that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and that you are not alone

It’s ironic that everyone’s connected, yet no-one is connected. We’ve become recalcitrant, uncaring and many of us have lost our humanity. Particularly when technology is swallowing us up like quicksand and boasting of social connectivity is of utmost importance in today’s society. To face adulthood, we need to delve deep within and it’s inherently easier to talk to a stranger who offers solace and gives it to you straight. Putting a Band-Aid on your issues is the easy thing to do, taking an intimate deep dive where your demons are dwelling is daunting, but necessary.

As I’ve said, I’m not a therapist, not a male Helen Keller, a snake charmer or a Mark Manson (although I wish I was, that guy’s a damn genius and brilliant in his craft). After reading this you’re probably thinking I’m a Life Coach, but in all honesty, we are all our own life coaches. We make our choices and live with them, but hell, you sure as shit can have a little assistance along the way.

I’ve worked with individuals and corporations across the globe assisting them to resolve their personal or business issues. Having been homeless a time or two made me put things into perspective and I figured how to focus on the things that truly matter and remove the shit that doesn’t. Focus on what matters. The daily talk you have with yourself (and for that matter if you’re not having daily talks, you gotta to start). The people you hang around totally matter as they’re pretty influential. Participating daily in life is more important than you think, because your goals matter. But instead you’re sweating the small shit when that’s the one thing that doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters in all of this is YOU!

A good discussion can help you overcome your roadblocks. Even if those obstructions mean you are stuck, puzzled, dazed, foggy, or feeling lost and helpless, then let’s start a conversation. Sometimes that’s all it takes, so reach out, and I’ll be here.