Buying Parts

While there are many suppliers of TR parts online, we recommend the following sources for their quality and customer service.

Moss Motors

One of the most extensive sources for TR parts. They offer "products designed to help enthusiasts enjoy their hobby."

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The Roadster Factory

They recognize that a British sports car is an essential accessory, and we put our energy into promoting the hobby and providing the parts that make it practical to own, maintain, and drive a British sports car well into the 21st century.

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Victoria British

Offering parts and accessories for MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, and Sunbeam.

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APT Instruments

APT Instruments repairs and restores most automotive gauges for foreign and domestic autos from the 1890's to present.

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Team Triumph

A wholesale and retail British Sports Car parts supplier located in NE Ohio. They are a Moss Motors distributor and discount all their retail pricing. We also use hundreds of suppliers and have access to parts when the large suppliers are out of stock.

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