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Whether you are a candidate, committee treasurer, or a concerned citizen with questions about Philadelphia's Campaign Finance Law, this site is designed to provide answers to key questions about the requirements, restrictions, and process of funding campaigns for City office.

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Starting a Campaign for City Office

Want to run for City office but not sure where to start? Here's a checklist, plus plenty of resources to support you along the way.

Contributions to City Candidates

Whether you are a candidate or donor, understanding the rules for contributions to City campaigns is key to staying out of trouble!

Independent Expenditures

Contributions to candidates aren't the only way to spend money on City campaigns. Understand what an independent expenditure is and which rules & reporting requirements apply.

Filing Campaign Finance Reports

Electronic filing is required, so learn how to register, how to use the filing system, who files which reports, and how to make changes once you've filed. Also check here for our 2023 Campaign Finance Filing Schedule.