CES PhD Seminar

Welcome to the website of CES PhD Seminar, based in the Centre d'Économie de la Sorbonne - Paris 1. The aim of this seminar is to offer an informal time for PhD students to present their work to other students, and to receive questions and feedback from them. The seminar is open to all PhD students and post-doc of the CES. Students from other universities and anyone interested are also most welcome. The goal is to allow students to present their early or finalized work to their colleagues in order to favor the understanding of the range of work done by CES PhD students across different areas.

The seminar will take place once per month, on Friday between 5pm and 6pm.

You can submit your work (preliminary or final) you want to present to one of the following email addresses: ces.phd.seminar@univ-paris1.fr or ces.phd.seminar@gmail.com

We are waiting for your paper! Feel free to email us for any questions, if you want to be added to the mailing list or if you want to be involved in the management of this seminar.

Camille, Clémence, Fabio, Gaspard and Yasmine

Next seminar

Friday May 20th 2022 (5pm to 6pm)

MSE Room 116

Stephen Jackson (University of Paris 1)

Access to Water and Labour Force Participation: Evidence from the DRC

Abstract: I estimate the local impact of infrastructure provision on labour force participation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Proximity to a source of fresh water can have profound repercussions on health and time-allocation within the household. Time spent collecting water is a significant constraint in developing economies, the burden of which is disproportionately shouldered by women and children. This paper sheds light on participation decisions in the presence - or absence - of this barrier. Identifying the effects of infrastructure placement must overcome a number of barriers to causal identification - the most prominent being endogeneity of access to water. The empirical strategy relies on spatial variation in the location of wells and the time variation in their date of construction. The aforementioned data are coupled with georeferenced Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) clusters which provide information on labour force participation and occupation. I test the claim that improved infrastructure provision - in the shape of water supply - may lead to increased engagement in market-based activities.


2022 :

  • April 15th, Adrien Desroziers (University of Paris 1): "Environmental Events and Shareholder Response: A Meta-Analysis"

  • March 25th, Maximilien Coussin (University of Paris 1): "The Synchronization of eurozone Financial Cycles: Different Perspectives"

  • February 18th, Solèn Croiset (University of Paris 1): "The implementation of independent teams of professional carers and auxiliary nurses at home, in France: evidence from a randomized controlled trial"

  • January 21st, Van Nguyen (University of Kansas): "Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy with Multiple Monetary Assets"

2021 :

  • December 17th, Dylan Laplace Mermoud (University of Paris 1): "Core stability and other applications of minimal balanced collections"

  • November 19th, Adham Jaber (University of Paris 1): "Sovereign Default Risk and Natural Disaster Shocks: An Empirical Assessment in Emerging Countries"

  • October 22nd, Andrea Cinque (University of Paris 1): "Confined to stay: Natural disasters and Indonesia’s migration ban"

  • June 18th, Ramy Sukarieh (University of Paris 1): "Stock Selection using Linear Models and artificial intelligence"

  • May 21st, Iván Tzintzun (University of Paris 1, PSE): "The Causal Effect of Physical Activity on Health in Early Adulthood: A Gene By Environment Instrumental Variables Approach"

  • April 16th, Adrien Desroziers (University of Paris 1): "Socially responsible investment strategies under pressure: evidence from Covid-19"

  • March 19th, Davide Fortin (University of Paris 1): "Price discrimination and consumer distortions in the legal cannabis market"

  • February 19th, Aref Mahdavi (CES, University of Paris 1): "Real effects of lending-based crowdfunding platforms on the SMEs"

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