Bee Removal Service inSugar Land Tx

Bee Removal Sugar Land. Bees can be a pain when they show up in your home or around your family gathering which is why we created a local bee removal services so that we can preserve the bees while giving you peace of mind.

We can provide removal from walls, siding, bushes, trees, door and garages as well as in your home. Don't try to remove these insects yourself as this can be dangerous depending on the size and the type of bee you're dealing with. There are currently over 6,000 species of bees in the wild and each require different removal methods.

Don't hire a pest control company! Unlike pest control which exterminate the bees, we actually relocate them. Bees are vital to our existence and need to be preserved.

Here is how it works

Bee removal is the process of removing bees from their current location and transferring them to a new location.

The typical bee thought of is the Honeybee or Apis melifera; however, the africanized bee or Apis mellifera scutellata can also be removed safely and relocated and kept alive. Live bee removal or saving the bees can be accomplished by a local beekeeper who will then either keep the bees, sell them, or simply help whoever is requesting the bee removal to keep them in a hive box. There are numerous types of hive boxes that can be utilized to keep bees in after and there are even more methods and practices used to keep bees or be a beekeeper.