1942 - 1957

42 Kal-Kubelwagon

1942 Kubelwagon

Eric Meyer, San Luis Obispo, CA

49 Hebmueller

Owner: Michael Russell, Santa Barbara, CA

Hebmuller # 14-0093 Okrasa Power Plant

50 Metal Split

Owners: Jon & Pat Milne, Atascadero, CA

52 11C Sedan

Owner: Rob DeChaine, Paso Robles and Claremont, CA

52 Resto/Custom Bug

Owner: Ken Jevec,Templeton, CA

54 Beetle

Owner: Eric Lykens, Orcutt, CA

54 RHD Aussie Oval

1954 RHD Beetle from Australia

Owner: Tom & Heather Baxstresser, Atascadero, CA

55 Bug

Owner: Jason Pollock, Saticoy, CA

55 Convertible

Owners: Pat & Jerry Kinnan - VVWCA members in good standing!

55 Convertible - Green color - Car Nickname -- "Green Hornet"

Car Features -- Almost stock appearing to the non-purist. Mechanical/Cosmetic Changes -- Because we like to drive the car and live in the LA area (Manhattan Beach) I took out the original 1200 cc engine (Which I kept) and installed a 1600 cc dual port engine. One of the previous owners had already replaced the crash box transmission with a synchronized one.

56 Ragtop Beetle

Owner: Brian O'Kelly, Paso Robles, CA

Restoration candidate. Documented original motor, very straight aprons, no rust, complete and a ragtop.

56 Resto Cutom Bug

Owner: Nick Tidy, Malibu, CA

Nick just had this bug shipped out from Arizona. He's looking forward to joining

up on some of our Central Coast activities.

56 Rometsch

Owner: Eric Meyer, San Luis Obispo, CA

57 "36hp Challenge" Bus

Owner: Matthew Kenny, Paso Robles, CA Feature Car Winter 2012

The Challenge: Find out how fast your 36hp Volkswagen can go at the mecca for all land speed racers, the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. Drive your bug from a standing start and accelerate at full throttle over a full mile until it’s ultimate top speed is reached in a precision 132 ft. Speed Trap, and do it with the same street legal bug you drive every day. http://saltflats.com/36_HP.html http://burlyb.com

57 Resto Custom

Club Feature Car - Spring 2013

Owner: Glenn Tomilloso, Santa Maria, CA

This is my first VW. I have always wanted a lowered VW Beetle since high school. Having been roommates with Ryan Siordia and his brother Mike for a couple of years, I wanted one even more. Ryan got me hooked on TheSamba.com, and after a couple of years looking around I found this 1957 Beetle.

57 Single Cab "Old Heap"

Owner: Eric Lykens, Nipomo, CA