Current Events

Central Baptist Church is Re-opened!

If you are not comfortable returning to worship at this time that is fine and we respect your wishes and affirm your caution. We plan to continue to share the service over Zoom and Facebook live. If you would like to receive the link to share in the service through zoom, please let me know. (

If you are planning on joining us please follow the CDC guidelines.

Also we ask for your help with the following:

1. Please wear a mask.

2. Please observe at least 6 feet social distancing at all times and especially in the pews. (6ft left and right from anyone not living in the same home, 2 empty pews in front and in back of you. Leave the first 2 rows in the front empty).

3. Please do not greet others with a handshake or hug.

4. There will be no nursery provided during church.

5. Bulletins will not be provided.

6. The worship service including the words to all songs will be on the screen. Please do NOT use the song books.

7. Offering plates will be in the back of the Sanctuary. Please put your offering in the plate on your way into the Sanctuary.

8. On communion Sundays, please pick up your communion on the way into the sanctuary and place it in the pew rack during the service. Plates for the fellowship offering will also be in the back. Please dispose of the empty communion cup in the waste basket at the back of the sanctuary on your way out.

9. Please use hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands frequently.

10. If you are sick or have been around someone who was/is ill, Please Stay Home.

12. Weather permitting, the door on 7th Ave. (porch door) will be propped open.

11. There is Sunday School and Junior Church.

*Noisy Offering this Month goes to One Great Hour of Sharing*

Monthly Events

First Sunday ~ Communion

Second Sunday ~ Board Meeting

Last Sunday ~ Noisy Offering