"Young Adults and Labor Markets in Africa" with Oriana Bandiera, Ahmed Elsayed and Andrea Smurra. Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2022, 36(1): 81-100.

Working Papers

"The Demand Side of Africa's Demographic Transition: Desired Fertility, Wealth, and Jobs" [Draft] [VoxDev]

A longer version of this paper was previously circulated as: "Defusing a Population Explosion? Jobs and Fertility in sub-Saharan Africa"

"Chat Over Coffee? Diffusion of Agronomic Practices through Information Networks in Rwanda" (with Esther Duflo, Daniel Keniston, and Tavneet Suri) [Draft]

"A Mother’s Voice: Impacts of Communication Training on Child Health Investments" (with Martina Björkman Nyqvist and Seema Jayachandran)

Work in Progress

"Female Wage Labor and Fertility: Evidence from Agroprocessing Plants in Kenya" (with Niclas Moneke)

Book Chapters

"Technology and Development" with Menna Bishop and Robin Burgess (2023). In: Madon, T., Gadgil, A.J., Anderson, R., Casaburi, L., Lee, K., Rezaee, A. (eds) Introduction to Development Engineering. Springer, Cham.