Cedar Valley Wood Carvers

2024 Show Winners    More pictures on the Pictures page

Winners from the judging of our artistry in wood:  From right to left:

Bruce Kruse - Best of Show Artistic Turning
Stacy Nehl - Best of Show - Armadillo
Tom Garwood - 2nd Place - Crappies
Julio Martinez - 3rd Place - Miniature Bunny
Don Lund - Best Instructor Assisted - Blue Jay

2024 Winners by category are Here

Upcoming CVWC Meetings 

July 9th at 6:00pm

August 13th at 6:00pm 

Location: American Legion Post 298, 625 31st Street, Marion. 

Check out  our Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/CVWoodcarvers/ 

 Welcome to the Cedar Valley Woodcarvers Website

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at American Legion Post 298 at 625 31st Street in Marion at 6 p.m. and you are cordially invited to come see what we do and how we do it. Our meetings last about a half hour and are followed by classes taught by our members. 

The Club elected the following officers for 2024:

President - Don Potter       

Vice President - Randy Gager

Past President - Kayla McPherson

Treasurer - Melissa Bates

Secretary - Don Lund

Board of Directors are the above and: Harold Miller (newly elected for 2 year term)
                                                                    Kay Lund (2nd year of 2 year term)

Clark Crane is Librarian

Upcoming Classes at Larry's

Oct 18-20

Floyd Rhadigan

Aug 5-10

Roger Nardchal

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Here is our most recent newsletter.                           

Julio puts it out for us.

Need help with your Carving?

If you would like help learning and mastering new techniques, contact the CVWC Mentoring Program.

Program Directors:   Larry Sylvester 319-929-6155   Don Potter 319-551-5055

Club Members volunteering to help teach carving

Larry Sylvester Beginning and advanced carving techniques

Don Potter Beginning and advanced carving techniques

John Marion Beginning and advanced carving techniques

Merle Krug Beginning and advanced carving techniques

Ann Ristow Chip carving, Wood burning

Linda Langenberg Curtis Power carving, Animals and more

David Steil Power carving, Birds and more

Don Lund Power carving, Fish and more

Ken Ormiston Chain saw, Animals and more

If any carver would like help on a project, they can call on of the programs directors and they will put them in contact with someone who can help them. 

Craving class - Cedar Valley.pdf

Carving class report

By Gregg Lind


We honor one of our members in memory of one of our own carvers.  Annually we give the Harold Davis Award to a member who has given a lot to our club and to the hobby of carving.  Nominations are made to the Board by the membership and the board votes on the winner.  

Beginning with the 2019 year, we have renamed the award to the Kirt Curtis Award.

Our winners so far are:

2004     Kirt Curtis

2005     Larry Sylvester

2006     Jerry Schierholz

2007     Maurie Vandewalle

2008     Linda Langenberg-Curtis

2009     Jody Warren

2010     Jim Gerlich

2011     Don Lund

2012     Clark Crane

2013     Roger Norfolk 

2014     Scott Garbe

2015     Larry Lebeda and Sherri Wilcox

2016     Tom Roe

2017      Laurie Frisch 

2018      Kay Lund

Now the Kirt Curtis Award -

2019      John Marion

2020      Ken Ormiston

2021      We didn't really give it to COVID - 

2022     Larry Sylvester

2023    Ann Ristow

2024    Jerry Schierholz

We have a scholarship available to members


We are just a bunch of folks that share and promote the joy and art of woodcarving.

Our club collage is kind of cool.