CDGCBR: East Cheshire Branch

The East Cheshire Branch of the Chester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers (CDGCBR) comprises 34 towers in the North East of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Greater Manchester. The branch includes Stockport, Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Buxton and Altrincham, as well as a number of smaller towns and villages in the area. The other branches in the guild are Chester Branch [19 towers with 6 or more bells], Mid Cheshire Branch [18 towers], South Cheshire Branch [22 towers], and Wirral Branch [20 towers]. As you can see by the numbers, we're the largest branch in terms of towers!

(All times and places listed below are subject to confirmation)

JULY: Sunday 17th - 10-bell practice at St Mary's *

Saturday 23th - Ringing at Marple 10.00 -11.00 then Norbury 11.30

AUG: Tuesday 9th - Join practice at Cheadle 7.30 till 9.00

SEPT: Saturday 3rd - Branch outing to Disley 10.00, New Mills 11.00, (Lunch - venue to be decided),

Hayfield 2.00, Chapel 3.30

Saturday 24th - Ringing at Gawsworth 10.00 then St Peter's, Macc. 10.45

OCT: Saturday 1st Guild Festival and AGM (Chester Branch) ?????

Saturday 22nd - Ringing at Bredbury from 2.00 + Hyde 3.30

Saturday 29th - Guild 10-bell competition ?????

NOV: Saturday 26th - Branch AGM at Bowdon, evening ringing at Dunham

* St Mary's may become monthly event depending on support

Live from Clive

The Latest News from the Branch Secretary

From: Clive

Two branch events this month.

Sunday 17th - 10-bell practice at St Mary's. We've managed only one practice (at Easter) so far - and that was only possible with help from friends in the Lancs Association.

However, I keep hoping... Remember this is a practice for all abilities - rounds, call changes, plain hunt...

Please remember that I need to know you're coming by the Friday before.

Saturday 23rd - ringing at Marple (10.00 to 11.00), then Norbury (11.30 till 12.30). Two very easy-going peals of bells.

As with St Mary's, we will ring whatever you're confident with.

It would be helpful to know in advance if you plan to be there - say by the preceding Thursday.

Your ever-optimistic correspondent.

Clive Calton

From: Tom Nestor (South Branch Secretary, Guild Webmaster)

Subject: Guild news: helping fund branch projects and investing for the future.

Hello everyone, news about the Guild investing in the future of ringing in Cheshire and further afield.

Grants have been paid to two projects that have completed and are already delivering benefits:

  1. £1,982 to Cheadle (East branch) for sound-control to reduce nuisance.

  2. £3,552 to Chester Cathedral for a new treble bell to make a light 10.

Grants are promised to two projects that are in progress. Both involve significant frame strengthening and bell rehanging.

  1. £7,500 to Mottram-in-Longdendale (East branch).

  2. £5,600 to Audlem (South branch).

The grants are awarded from the Guild’s Bell Restoration Fund.

This is what we do. Your Guild takes your money and carefully distributes it to very worthy projects that keep our bells in good condition and as investment in future needs. All of us will benefit.

This effort is happening all the time, for real, for you.

The Guild committee also approved a £250 donation from our General Fund towards the new CCCBR mobile belfry 2.0 initiative. You can find out more and how you can help crowdfund this project by clicking here.

Please forward this news to your tower teams. Remember the links to our website and Facebook and Twitter are in my signature.

From: John Lacy (Lancashire Association of Change Ringers)

Hi everyone.

We’re holding our regular 10-bell practice at the Cathedral on Wednesday 6th July at 7.15pm. We’d like as many people to come as possible and, if you’ve not been before, please come and have a try!

Who is it for?

  • This is for ringers from 6/8 bell towers who would like to try ringing on 10 with a supportive, friendly and helpful band around them. We’d really like in particular to encourage those who think "we’re not good enough" to come and have a go.

  • It’s for ringers competent on 8 who want to push themselves to ring more on 10. This could be PB/Grandsire/Stedman 7/8 ringers who want to have a go at 9/10 or Surprise Major --> Royal.

  • And it’s for existing 10-bell ringers to practice and improve.

  • It will cover all levels of expertise from rounds and calls (on ten) up to methods on Royal.

Who is it not for?

  • People who want to ring methods on fewer than 10 bells – we have a regular branch practice for this.

  • Ringers who cannot yet confidently handle a bell on their own.

Location: Manchester Cathedral.

Date and Time: Wednesday 6th July at 7.15pm

If you fall into the category “Who is it for?” please come along and have a go. We promise another “technical practice” in a Manchester Hostelry afterwards….

Meet at the little tower door at the base of the tower. If you’re late, ring the doorbell and someone will let you in.

We hope to see you there!

From: Paul Hunter (Chester Cathedral)

From July we’ll be starting an open 12 bell practice on a Monday evening. This will be open to anyone from rounds on 12 and up. These will happen every month on the 1st Monday, please see list of dates.

  • Monday 4th July

  • Monday 1st August

  • Monday 5th September

  • Monday 3rd October

I’m going to trial it for 4 months to see how it goes.

Also there will be a quarter peal before the practice for anyone who wants to be involved. If they’d like to ring in the quarter can they let me know?


Paul Hunter 07903328656

From: Tom Nestor

Hello Branch secretaries, this request for trustee nominations for the Central Council ought to be brought to the attention of all our members, in case any one of them may want to be nominated as a trustee. Simon has made clear that all are welcome, which is to be applauded.

Associated documents: New Trustees Profile Trustee Job Description

From: Clive

A brief word about the branch Summer Event held at Nether Alderley last Saturday.

If you were there I'm sure you will agree that it was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Our thanks to those who worked hard in the morning to set everything up - erecting gazebos, carrying tables and chairs and generally making it possible for people in the afternoon to munch their way in comfort through quantities of barbecued burgers followed by a variety of cakes while listening to the handbell ringing.

As for tower bells and the striking competition, this consisted of seven teams and was judged by Phil Gay from Keele.

Our branch president, the Rt. Rev. Sam Corley (who rang with us during the afternoon) presented the Ken Lewis shield in the method ringing section to Macclesfield and the Sid Hough memorial trophy for their call changes to Poynton.

The afternoon resulted in the pleasing sum of £235.78 to be added to the branch Contingency Fund.

From: Mark Jacot

Hi, I’ve been busy writing a book on the history of Sutton tower, bells and ringers. Lots of photos stories etc. Here is a synopsis -

The history of the tower, bells and ringers of Sutton, St James’, Cheshire on the edge of the Peak District started in 1840 when our forebears built the new church and spire in Higher Sutton. The six bells, first installed in 1879, were recast and rehung in 1925-6. They are one of the finest Taylor’s peals of six in the country.

The stories of the bells and those that rang them over the villages of Sutton and Langley are told through memories of current ringers and descendants of our forebears supplemented with material from the Ringing World and Taylor’s Bell Foundry archives.

The book covers the installation and later recasting of the bells, records of early ringing, stories such as a ramble by two ringers in 1884, information on well-known ringers including the local hangman, spliced minor ringing in the 1930’s and more.

If anyone is interested, cost will be £10 to cover printing costs, please ask them to email me if they would like a copy.

Mark Jacot [mailto:]


From: John Lacy Secretary, Society For Northwest Bell Ringing Courses

As you are Secretaries / Officials of branches within a ringing Association local to the Northwest of England, I am writing to let you know about a new annual residential ringing course to be based at Myerscough College near Preston between Thursday 11th August and Sunday 14th August 2022. I attach an introductory flyer with some detail and please note website address which is .

This new course has been organised by ringers in the North West with help and sponsorship from the Central Council and is designed to meet a gap in the provision of training for ringers who are no longer in the early stages of ringing but not yet experts. Theory sessions will be taught in college and practical sessions arranged at local towers.

I’d be very grateful if you would circulate this information within the Chester Diocesan Guild.

Many thanks

John Lacy

From: Central Council (from Vicki CCCBR pro) RE: Operation London Bridge

Ringing for the death of a monarch is thankfully not something we have to worry about very often. There are, however, specific plans and protocols in place for such an occasion. There is more information in the Guidance Note at the Central Council website here (or you can download the PDF version here).

From: Clive

I have received a note from Peter Robinson (tower captain at Nether Alderley) to the effect that he is now the contact for Chelford. Charles Rogers has relinquished all responsibility for the tower.

There is now ringing regularly at Chelford on Sundays with ringers from both Nether Alderley and Prestbury.

On the third Tuesday of each month, the Alderley practice will transfer to Chelford.

If you wish to go to any of these Tuesday practices (7.30) at Chelford on the third Tuesday in the month you will be very welcome.

You can contact Peter on or 01625 860 679 if you wish to check before you set out.


Subject: Survival and Recovery Newsheets.

ART and the Central Council have put together a series of newsletters which they called "Survival and Recovery Newsheets". There are five issues in the series, and they are available here - Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, and Issue 4, Issue 5, and Issue 6 .

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