CDGCBR: East Cheshire Branch

The East Cheshire Branch of the Chester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers (CDGCBR) comprises 34 towers in the North East of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Greater Manchester. The branch includes Stockport, Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Buxton and Altrincham, as well as a number of smaller towns and villages in the area. The other branches in the guild are Chester Branch [19 towers with 6 or more bells], Mid Cheshire Branch [18 towers], South Cheshire Branch [22 towers], and Wirral Branch [20 towers]. As you can see by the numbers, we're the largest branch in terms of towers!

Pocket Sized Programme

Click on the image to download a pocket sized branch calendar and tower guide [Updated 03/02/2017]. Ideally, it should be printed on both sides of an A4 card and then cut around the outermost border of the calendar. Done correctly, you'll end up with two sets. One side is the 2017 Branch Programme and the other is a practice night tower guide. If you just want to print it once on plain paper, cut out the tower guide and stick it to the back of the calendar. Now fold the calendar in half and then thirds. Put it in your wallet/purse, and you're good to go! Alternatively, there is a larger version [click here] that is almost A4 size [rather than sub-A5] . This one is handy for sticking in your Diagrams book.

The Latest from Clive

Two reminders for you:

  1. A message from Kevin Rogers: "This is the last call for any young ringers who have not signed up for the event on Friday 30th June 6:00-8:30 at St Peter's Macclesfield SK11 7HT. We have a good number of people attending and it should be a fun evening with some ringing, BBQ and some games. Please let Jenny [] know immediately if you would like to attend as catering is being organised now."
  2. There's a six-bell training session at Taxal on Saturday 24th from 3.00 till 5.00. Please let me know if you're planning to come.

As you'll see in the monthly poster, there are four events in June. These are

  • Saturday 3rd – Branch Outing
  • Wednesday 14th – 8 Bell Practice at Mottram 7:30 Till 9:00
  • Sunday 18th – 10 Bell Practice at St Mary’s, Stockport 3:00 Till 4:30
  • Saturday 24th – 6 Bell Training at Taxal 3:00 Till 5:00

For any events where numbers matter (such as the St Mary's practices), if you're coming, please let me know by email, not by word of mouth - more years less memory!! Here's hoping for a good turnout at all these events!

To see what's happening in the branch during the rest of 2017, click here.

Guild Report for 2017

At last, I finally have these! As in previous years, I will bring them to branch events in the boot of my car and I hope to hand over many of them at the branch outing. If no one from your tower can attend any branch events, the reports can be collected from my house - 30 Melbourne Road, Bramhall, SK7 1LS. (Ring me on 07779 488 359 to arrange a suitable date & time).

Young Ringers Event - Friday, 30 June

It is proposed to hold a special event for young ringers in our branch on Friday, 30th June, late afternoon/evening in Macclesfield. There'll be some ringing, some eating (a Barbeque?) and probably something else.

If you can come and aren't too old (!) - i.e. early 20s or younger (and from my perspective that's very young!!) please get in touch with Kevin Rogers

CDGCBR 8-bell Striking Competition - Saturday, 8 July

The Chester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers 8-bell Striking Competition will be held on Saturday, 8th July at St Helen (Northwich, Witton) [Mid Cheshire Branch]. The draw will be made at 2:30 pm, and the competition ringing will begin at 3:00 pm. The method will be a 252 of Spliced Plain Bob Triples and Plain Bob Major. Light refreshments will be available during the afternoon. Parking is limited to the area around Church Walk School and the surrounding streets. The Lidl car park has a 2 hour limit, and Pets at Home is just next door [check to make sure it's free].

Try The Ringing World for free!

The May 12th issue of The Ringing World contains extensive material on matters of current importance to ringers: the proposed reforms of the Central Council, the long-running York Minster saga and a recruitment initiative in schools, all covered in a depth which other media find hard to manage. There is much more besides. They’ve been working hard to improve the content of The Ringing World, so if you haven’t read a copy recently, take a look at this issue which is being made available for free online. You can subscribe to The Ringing World by clicking on the link.

Branch 6 Bell Striking Competition Results

Seven bands took part in the 6 Bell Striking Competition held at St Mary the Virgin (Disley) on the 29th of April. Three competed in methods - St George (Stockport), St George (Poynton), and St Michael (Macclesfield). Four competed in call changes - St Peter (Prestbury), St Mary (Cheadle), St Michael (Macclesfield) and a combined St George (Poynton) and St Mary (Nether Alderley) band. The winning band was St. Michael (Macclesfield) ringing Plain Bob Doubles, with the band from St Mary (Cheadle) being the highest ranked call changes band. Congratulations to all the bands that took part. Of special note is that the caller for the St Michael (Macclesfield) call changes band had been ringing less than a year!

The Central Council Survey

In September 2016, the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CCCBR) set up a group to review the Council‘s purpose, structure and function. So far, they have released four articles. You can access these directly on the Council website as follows - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Following the release of Part 4, the Central Council’s Review Action Group (CRAG) were interested in knowing how ringers in general felt about some of the things that they felt are likely to be important in a future central body for ringing. They asked ringers to help them out by filling in a short online survey, and the results of that survey have now been published. A letter from Phil Barnes, Chairman of the CRAG, announced that they have completed their work and provides a link to the published report. The report and proposals will be debated at the CCCBR meeting in Edinburgh next month.

Contact the Secretary

Members of the branch should have already received the above messages directly from Clive. If you haven't, click here to email Clive and get on the mailing list. If you need to get hold of Clive urgently, his mobile number is 07779 488359.

Words from the Webmaster

The Chester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers is having a major redesign of its website. The basic idea is to give all of the websites [the guild's and each of the five branches' websites] a common style. The new version should be up and running in mid 2017. In the meantime, this website is filling the gap.

Here's an introduction to the new site

  • The Contacts page has a list of all officers in the branch, and all the towers in our branch with their contact details. I've added practice times, a link to Dove's Guide, a link to Google Maps for driving instructions, contact email addresses and mobile phone numbers [where available]. I originally copied all this data from the annual report, but I've since contacted people for updates [note the "Last Updated" date at the bottom for each tower]. I am still waiting to hear from Hyde, Dunham Massey, Gawsworth, Hayfield, and Taxal. Therefore, the information shown for these towers may be inaccurate.
  • The Practices page allows you to identify where you can ring on a given day and for a given number of bells. The information is presented in a two different tables. The first one is dynamic and allows you to search for towers based on keyword, number of bells and/or practice day. The second is just a sorted list, which is very useful for a quick check [eg, where can I ring on Friday]. If you know of any practice cancellations in the branch, do let me know and I'll post them in Tower News section at the very top of the Practices page.
  • The Programme page obviously has the programme for 2017. There is a live calendar at the bottom of the page, but I'm not happy with how it looks/works. More generally, any news about upcoming events from the Secretary will appear on this [Home] page in the "The Latest from Clive" section above.
  • The Towers page shows a map of all the towers in our branch. If you click on any of the numbers, you'll get a side panel giving you more details about the tower. In addition, there's an active table underneath which allows you to search for a tower by name, location or number. However, please note that the table and the map aren't connected.
  • On the Map page, there is an interactive map for all the towers in the branch. From there, you can pick the number of bells and/or the practice night, and the map will show you which towers fulfil those criteria and where they are located. It's the same information as shown on the Practices page, but with the benefit of a map so that you can see relative locations of towers. This is really designed for use on a tablet or desktop computer; it doesn't work very well on a mobile phone.
  • The Gallery page is a picture of all the towers in our branch. If you have a better picture of any of the towers, please send it to me. You will notice that all the pictures are in a square format, so take that into account when framing your picture.
  • The Trivia page is a place to record some interesting facts and figures about the bells in the branch.
  • A Quarter Peal Club [QPC] page has also been added, but to be honest, it's not doing very well.

I would appreciate any feedback or comments you may have on the site. You can email me here.

Reasons to Contact Us

Here are four good reasons to send us a message

  • Stay Informed. Are you getting regular emails from Clive? Maybe your tower captain is getting them, but not passing the information on to you. If you're not on Clive's email list, then click here and we'll make sure that you're added. If you no longer want to receive any of those emails, then just click here.
  • Quarter Peal Club [QPC]. Are you interested in ringing a Quarter Peal? Would you be interested in ringing them on a regular basis? We're trying to get ringers together who would like to have a go [either for the first time or on a regular basis]. Don't think of these as massive hills that have to be climbed; instead, just think of them as a long practice sessions. As the saying goes "You don't really know the method until you've rung a quarter peal of it!" So, let us know if you are interested, and what you would like to do a quarter peal in, just click here.
  • Get Help. Is your band struggling to learn a method? Does your tower need a bit of help with numbers? This is your opportunity to reach out for help. Just click here and tell us what you need and we'll do our best to help.
  • Help Us. We can only get better if people tell us what they like and/or don't like. It's up to you to tell us if you like what we're doing on this website, at the branch events, or at tower visits. Every opinion is important, so take a few minutes and let us know what you think. Click here and tell us what you think of us.

If you have any comments or ideas for the website, we would love to hear them. You can email the webmaster by clicking here.