The Nursery is available for our youngest members. Located in the Children's Wing, the nursery is always operated by two trained staff members. The Nursery has toys and books for the children to play with. There is also a changing table available for those who are not potty-trained. Nursery care is available during all services and Wednesday night small classes. We also offer Nursery care during our Starting Point class on Sunday evenings. Occasionally, the nursery may be offered at additional times.

Nursery Procedures

*Nursery service is provided during the following times:

  • Sunday Morning services
  • Starting Point Evening Classes
  • Wednesday Night Small Groups
  • Nursery may be provided for additional events as needed.

*The Nursery opens 15 minutes before, and closes 15 minutes after service or an event.

*The Nursery is a service provided to families who are attending Service or Small Group classes. Parents or Guardians should not leave the premises while a child is in the care of the Nursery.

*Parents or Guardian must sign in their child upon arrival to the Nursery. Parents will receive a pager when checking in their child in case they need to be notified. Parents or Guardian must sign their child out of the Nursery.

*Children who are not potty trained must be dropped off with diaper changing materials.

*Snack is provided (usually goldfish). Children can bring sippy cups with them.

*If your child has been sick, we ask that they stay home until they are feeling better.