1. Application Dates:

Application Deadline:

May 26th, 2017

2. Application Procedure:

Step 1. 進入報名系統

Enter the Registration System

Step 2. 填寫報名相關資訊,並上傳相關資訊

Fill in relevant information and upload required files (See Note *1 below)

Step 3. 收到第一封確認信(報名及選課確認)

Receive the first confirmation letter(Confirmation of registration and course selection)

Step 4. 繳費及回傳繳費單

Make Payment and sent back the receipt

Bank transfer information please check here.

Step 5. 收到第二封確認信(完成報名)

Receive the second confirmation letter(Completion of registration)


*1.We strongly suggest you to prepare all the documents mentioned below at hand to complete the registration process smoothly.

1. For all registrars: A copy of your student ID card and your photo (2x2 inches)

Official student ID card or a certificate of enrollment issued by the student's home institution is needed. Please scan or photo the both sides, and combine them into one JPG file.

As for the photo, it should be 2x2 inches in size and in color (like a passport photo).

2. For international students: A copy of your passport or PRC ID Card

Please scan or photo the page with your photo/personal information on it in a JPG or JPEG format.

3. For domestic Students: A copy of your ROC ID card.

Please scan or photo the page with your photo on it in a JPG or JPEG format.