Come and discover, enjoy, explore and practice different, sciences, technology, math and engineering at CCSU.


The DEEP STEM Program is an extracurricular program designed to excite high school students about careers in STEM. It is a year-long program consisting of five events in which students will have the opportunity to connect with CCSU STEM faculty and students by participating in various academic hands-on activities and events.

DEEP (Discover Enjoy Explore and Practice) STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)




October 01, 2022

November 05, 2022

March 04, 2023

April 01, 2023

June 26-30, 2023


Dr. Luz Amaya,

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering. I am a Mechanical Engineer, which is a decision I took after working with my father in his car shop. All my life I have been trying to figure out how things work and how to make them better. I enjoy teaching a variety of classes, mainly Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, and Numerical Methods. My projects involve conservation of water and energy. I always search for solution of everyday problems.

Dr. David Broderick, Computer Electronics & Graphics Technology

I am an Associate Professor in the Computer Electronics & Graphics Technology Department. I am an Electrical Engineer. I began learning about computers in middle school and wanted to understand how they work on a fundamental level. I then became interested in using computers to control things around us. I have many interests including unmanned ground vehicles, robotics, and machine learning. If I’m not teaching, you’ll likely find me in a canoe or on a bicycle.

Dr. Michele Dischino,

Technology & Engineering Education

I am a Professor in the Technology & Engineering Education Department. As an engineer drawn to education, I’m committed to finding effective ways to excite young minds about science, technology, engineering and math. As a teacher educator, I also have the privilege of instructing and mentoring the next generation of students who share my passion for exciting students of all ages about technology and engineering, and exposing them to the numerous career pathways available in STEM fields. I also like to seek out opportunities for my students and I to use our STEM skills to solve problems in our community.

Dr. Mark Jackson,

I am a Professor in the Biology Department. I am a neuroscientist so I am interested in learning how the brain works. While my Ph.D. is in neuroscience, as an undergraduate student my major was Mathematics, and I also studied Aerospace Engineering and was a pilot in the Air Force before I started studying neuroscience, so I have enjoyed lots of STEM opportunities in my career. I personally work with a lot of students who are interested in medicine and medical research, but I also work with biology students interested in all types of life, ecology, and the environment.

Dr. Stan Kurkovsky,

Computer Science

I am a Professor at the Department of Computer Science. As a software engineer, I am fascinated by the ways how every single aspect of our everyday lives has been changed by software. Most of my research and teaching revolves around creating better software, as well as working with non-profits and community organizations helping them with their software needs. When not teaching or wrestling with alligators, I enjoy cooking, hiking, and woodworking.

Dr. Peter LeMaire,

Physics and Engineering Physics

I am a Professor and Chairman of the Department of Physics & Engineering Physics at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). I am a Physics and Math educator and also a Condensed Matter Physics researcher who studies materials useful for building batteries, supercapacitors and sensors that are useful for electric vehicles, and other green energy applications. I am also passionate about teaching Science and Math to prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers. Outside of work, I love to play table tennis, reading and traveling.

Dr. Viktoria Savatorova, Mathematical Sciences

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. I have always been fascinated by the “magic” of turning mathematical equations into phenomena observed in physics, chemistry, or biology. As an applied mathematician I have been working on mathematical problems arising in geophysics and material science. Recently I started several projects on mathematical modeling of biological processes. I like incorporating applications in my teaching of mathematics. When I do not teach or work on a research paper, I like hiking and exploring new places

Dr. Jessica Smith,

Biomolecular Science

I am an Associate Professor in the Biomolecular Sciences (BMS) department. While many people cringe when they hear about “bacteria”, students in my lab are researching friendly bacteria that are helpful to the environment. Our research focuses on microbes that were present on early Earth before the generation of oxygen. We are trying to understand how some microorganisms can breathe metals, which is relevant to not only understanding early life but also can be used for practical applications including development of electronics and biosensors. I teach courses at CCSU involving introductory biomolecular science, microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, and vaccine development.

Dr. Jeffrey Thomas,

Geological Sciences

I am a Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences. I started my working career as a meteorologist, specifically a weather forecaster, and then shortly transitioned into science education as an earth science teacher. Teaching both middle and high school, I quickly learned of my love of teaching as a creative and rewarding profession. As I continued my formal education, I then shifted to higher education as a science teacher educator, which is my primary role at CCSU. My passion to improve science teaching continues, working with college-aged students, pre- and in-service science teachers as well as younger students. Outside of work, I travel extensively to enjoy the natural beauty of our planet. Camping and hiking in our National and State parks have been the highlights of my travels!

Dr. Barry Westcott,

I am a chemist who always gets a reaction. I am native of Pittsburgh who received his BS in Chemistry from Penn State and PhD from Arizona before coming to CCSU. I have published his work with a diverse group of undergraduate students during his time at CCSU, focusing on the relationship between molecular and electronic structures of molecules. I like hikes and bikes and enjoy spending time with my family and dogs.