Tanning Services


12-minute exposure time
36 bronzing lamps
3 facial lamps


10-minute exposure time
51 bronzing body lamps
neck + shoulder tanners
4 high pressure facials
built-in voice guide

Stand Up

9-minute exposure time
48 bronzing body lamps
built in fans


Tanning Products

Time for a new lotion, moisturizer, or tan extender?! We've got you covered!

Check out our large variety of Devoted Creations tanning lotions as well as Devoted Creations & Hempz moisturizers and tan extenders!

Bronzer, Accelerator, Facial Bronzer, Leg Bronzer, Intensifier...We've got something for everyone & their budget!

We are a proud Devoted Creations Five Star Diamond Member and believe in the quantity of their products.

Teeth Whitening

This convenient, no-rinse process allows you to go about your day the moment you remove the mouthpiece.

Twilight Teeth is quickly absorbed during your tanning session and whitens effortlessly while you tan or at home!

Perks of using Twilight Teeth:
• Use while your TAN or at HOME!
• See results the FIRST TIME!
• Money-back guarantee (They know you'll love it!!)
• No messy trays or strips!

Kit Includes P6 Whitening Gel, UV Light (Home-use), Mouthpiece, and Travel Bag!

Tanning Policies

Proof of eyewear is always required to tan.

• Cancellation Policy: If you're unable to make your appointment, please cancel it via the appointment reminder link, messaging us, or giving us a call so we can open that designated time slot up for other customers. If you have more than 2 no-shows on your account, you will no longer be able to schedule future appointments.