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International Journals (@ UNIST, 2015 - present)

- 2022 -

58. R. I. Saleh, M. Kim, S. Y. Baek, C. Cha*

Chitosan-functionalized silica nanoparticles as a multifunctional coating material for improved water repellency, antimicrobial activity and mechanical strength of degradable bioplastics

Under review.

58. J. Hong†, J. Han†, C. Cha*

Precision control of programmable actuation of thermoresponsive nanocomposite hydrogels with multilateral engineering

International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022, 23, 5044. [Link]

(Special Issue: Smart Gels and Their Applications)

57. M. Kim†, C. Choi, J. Lee†, J. Kim*, C. Cha*

Multiscale engineering of nanofiber-aerogel composite nanogenerator with tunable triboelectric performance based on multifunctional polysuccinimide

Small 2022, 2107316. [Link]

(Special Issue: New Technology and Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine)

56. J. Hong, Y. Kwon, M. S. Kwon*, C. Cha*

Aziridine-capped poly(ethylene glycol) brush copolymer with tunable architecture as a versatile crosslinker for adhesives

ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2022, 4, 2105–2115. [Link]

- 2021 -

55. R. I. Saleh, M. Kim, C. Cha*

Comprehensive enhancement of mechanical, water-repellent and antimicrobial properties of regenerated seaweed and plant-based paper with chitosan coating

Coatings 2021, 11, 1384. [Link]

54. S. Kim†, C. Choi, C. Cha*

Mechanotopography-driven design of dispersible nanofiber-laden hydrogel as a 3D cell culture platform for investigating tissue fibrosis

Advanced Healthcare Materials 2021, 10, 2101109. [Link]

53. F. Kim†, S. E. Yang†, H. Ju†, S. Choo, J. Lee, G. Kim, S.-h Jung, S. Kim, C. Cha, K. T. Kim, S. Ahn, H. G. Chae*, J. S. Son*

Direct ink writing of 3D thermoelectric architectures for fabrication of micro power generators

Nature Electronics 2021, 4, 579–587. [Link]

52. S. Kim, M. R. Park†, C. Choi, J. B. Kim*, C. Cha*

Synergistic control of mechanics and microarchitecture of 3D bioactive hydrogel platform to promote the regenerative potential of engineered hepatic tissue

Biomaterials 2021, 270, 120688. [Link]

51. J. Hong, Y. Shin†, J. Lee*, C. Cha*

Programmable multilayer printing of mechanically-tunable 3D hydrogel co-culture system for investigating complex cellular behavior

Lab on a Chip 2021, 21, 710-718. [Link]

(*Chosen as a Lab on a Chip HOT Article 2021)

50. C. Choi, S. Kim†, C. Cha*

Dual-functional alginate crosslinker: Independent control of crosslinking density and cell adhesive properties of hydrogels via separate conjugation pathways

Carbohydrate Polymers 2021, 252, 117128. [Link]

- 2020 -

49. M. Kim, C. Cha*

Graft architecture guided simultaneous control of degradation and mechanical properties of in situ forming and fast dissolving polyaspartamide hydrogels

Biomacromolecules 2020, 21, 3693–3703. [Link]

48. K. Lee, C. Cha*

Advanced polymer-based bioink technology for printing soft biomaterials

Macromolecular Research 2020, 28, 689-702. [Link]

(*Cover Issue)

47. D. Lee, C. Cha*

Cell subtype-dependent formation of breast tumor spheroids and their variable responses to chemotherapeutics within microfluidics-generated 3D microgels with tunable mechanics

Materials Science and Engineering C 2020, 112, 110932. [Link]

46. H. Kim, C. Song, C. Cha*, J. Jung*, J. Oh*

Refined fabrication of mechano-stimulating micro-platform for on-chip analyses of complex platelet behavior

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2020, 84, 269-279. [Link]

45. M. Kim†, Y. Ahn†, K. Lee, W. Jung*, C. Cha*

In situ facile-forming chitosan hydrogels with tunable physicomechanical and tissue adhesive properties by polymer graft architecture

Carbohydrate Polymers 2020, 229, 115538. [Link]

44. S. Kim, C. Cha*

Enhanced mechanical and electrical properties of heteroscaled hydrogels infused with aqueous-dispersible hybrid nanofibers

Biofabrication 2020, 12, 015020. [Link]

- 2019 -

43. H.-H. Park, K. Sun, D. Lee, M. Seong, C. Cha, H. E. Jeong*

Cellulose acetate nanoneedle array covered with phosphorylcholine moiety as a biocompatible and sustainable antifouling material

Cellulose 2019, 26, 8775-8788. [Link]

42. K. Lee, S. Choi, C. Kim, W. Kang, W. Son, S. C. Bae*, J.-W. Oh*, S. Lee*, C. Cha*

Implementation of combinatorial genetic and microenvironmental engineering to microbial-based field-deployable microbead biosensors for highly sensitive and remote chemical detection

ACS Sensors 2019, 4, 2716-2723. [Link]

41. Y. Jang, M. Lee, H. Kim, C. Cha*, J. Jung*, J. Oh*

Comprehensive tuning of bioadhesive properties of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) membranes with controlled porosity

Biofabrication 2019, 11, 035021. [Link]

40. S. Kim, H. Kim, T. Qiao, C. Cha, S. K. Lee, K. Lee, H. J. Ro, Y. Kim, W. Lee, H. Lee*

Fluorescence enhancement from nitro-compounds sensitive bacteria within spherical hydrogel scaffolds

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2019, 15, 14354-14361. [Link]

39. J. Hong, Y. Shin, S. Kim, J. Lee*, C. Cha*

Complex tuning of physical properties of hyperbranched polyglycerol-based bioink for microfabrication of cell-laden hydrogels

Advanced Functional Materials 2019, 29, 1808750. [Link]

- 2018 -

38. D. Lee, K. Lee, C. Cha*

Microfluidics-assisted fabrication of microtissues with tunable physical properties for developing in vitro multiplex tissue model

Advanced Biosystems 2018, 2, 1800236. [Link]

37. Y. Jang†, C. Cha, J. Jung*, J. Oh*

Interfacial compression-dependent merging of two miscible microdroplets in an asymmetric cross-junction for in situ microgel formation

Macromolecular Research 2018, 26, 1143-1149. [Link]

36. D. Lee, C. Cha*

The combined effects of co-culture and ECM mechanics on 3D tumor spheroid formation in microgels prepared via flow-focusing microfluidic fabrication

Pharmaceutics 2018, 10, 229. [Link]

(Special Issue: Micro and Nano Encapsulation Techniques)

35. M. Kim, C. Cha*

Integrative control of mechanical and degradation properties of in situ crosslinkable polyamine-based hydrogels for dual-mode drug release kinetics

Polymer 2018, 145, 272-280. [Link]

34. H. Yi, K. Sun, I. Hwang, K. Lee, C. Cha, T.-i. Kim, H. E. Jeong*

Wet-responsive, reconfigurable, and biocompatible hydrogel adhesive films for transfer printing of nanomembranes

Advanced Functional Materials 2018, 28, 1706498. [Link]

33. M. Kim, C. Cha*

Modulation of functional pendant chains within poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels for refined control of protein release

Scientific Reports 2018, 8, 4315. [Link]

32. J. Jang, C. Cha*

Multivalent polyaspartamide crosslinker for engineering cell-responsive hydrogels with degradation behavior and tunable physical properties

Biomacromolecules 2018, 19, 691-700. [Link]

- 2017 -

31. K. Lee, J. Hong, H. J. Roh, S. H. Kim, H. Lee, S. K. Lee, C. Cha*

Dual ionic crosslinked interpenetrating network of alginate-cellulose beads with enhanced mechanical properties for biocompatible encapsulation

Cellulose 2017, 24, 4963-4979. [Link]

30. S. Kim, S. B. Sim, K. Lee, C. Cha*

Comprehensive examination of mechanical and diffusional effects on cell behavior using a decoupled 3D hydrogel system

Macromolecular Bioscience 2017, 17, 1700162. [Link]

29. M. Kim†, J. Jang†, C. Cha*

Carbon nanomaterials as versatile platforms for theranostic applications

Drug Discovery Today 2017, 22, 1430-1437. [Link]

(Special Issue: Therapeutic Nanomaterials)

28. J. Jang, J. Hong, C. Cha*

Effects of precursor composition and mode of crosslinking on mechanical properties of graphene oxide reinforced composite hydrogels

Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 2017, 69, 282-293. [Link]

- 2016 -

27. S. Kim†, K. Lee†, C. Cha*

Refined control of thermoresponsive swelling/deswelling and drug release properties of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) hydrogels using hydrophilic polymer crosslinkers

Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition 2016, 27, 1698-1711. [Link]

26. S. Kim†, J. Oh†, C. Cha*

Enhancing the biocompatibility of microfluidics-assisted fabrication of cell-laden microgels with channel geometry

Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 2016, 147, 1-8. [Link]

- 2015 -

25. C. Cha, J. H. Jeong*, H. Kong*

Poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) core-shell microspheres with enhanced controllability of drug encapsulation and release rate

Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition 2015, 26, 828-840. [Link]