CCA Peer Tutoring

Welcome to the CCA Peer Tutoring Club!

The CCA Peer Tutoring Club is a free, peer-to-peer tutoring service open to all CCA students. We have students who collectively cover every academic subject offered at CCA.

It's extremely easy to participate, whether you are interested in tutoring or are in need of help. Simply click on any links above (located on the navigation bar) to get started!

Due to the ongoing lock down physical tutoring sessions are not encouraged but we do provide online one-to-one tutoring sessions through various platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets, Discord, or Skype. Other platforms can be requested as well.

Our Mission

We want to foster a sense of collaboration and community on the Canyon Crest campus by matching aspiring student educators with their peers in need. As the student body continues to grow in number, we find it more important than ever to maintain the same sense of close-knit community that Canyon Crest has possessed ever since its founding. We seek to fulfill this mission through cultivating a culture of academic excellence and collaborative spirit that forms a cornerstone of Canyon Crest Academy.