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November 2021

Congratulations Gab for your new position as Product Manager at P&G Philippines.

October 2021

Our team is part of a recently approved multidisciplinary team of UP Diliman researchers to work on improving Air Quality in Urban Areas. This is PhP 120, 000,000.00 (~ 2,300,000 USD) will be implemented for 3 years  through a joint effort of the UPD College of Engineering and UPD College of Science. CBEG will provide support in developing VOC sensing technologies through combinations of interfacial and materials framework. We shall also participate in the development of Black Carbon sensing technologies with Prof. Louis Angelo Danao (DME). This will be done simultaneously with Dr. Ji Reyes (DME) and Dr. Richard Hizon (EEEI). The project will be done in partnership with IESM, PCA, DENR-EMB NRC, and the Pasig LGU.

September 2021

August 2021

Congratulations Paul Gabriel Lerona (Gab) for getting accepted as Lecturer at UPD Chemical Engineering ! We wish you the best in your teaching stint.

July 2021

CBEG is now on Facebook! Like us for updates!

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Congratulations Dr. Mylene Cayetano for being one of the national finalists in the mid-career category representing the Philippines in the 2021 Underwriters Laboratories - ASEAN-U.S Science Prize for Women - Clean Water and Clean Air.!

Dr. Mylene Cayetano is a Professor of Environmental Science and Meteorology at UP IESM and an Air and Water Pollution Scientist.  She is currently the CBEG's collaborator of our Air Quality Projects.

The competition highlights the theme of ‘Clean Water and Clean Air,’ and she is one of the following women selected as national finalists from 64 applicants across both categories to represent the participating ASEAN Member States.

June 2021 

Congratulations now Dr. Isaac Jerome C. Dela Cruz for successfully defending your dissertation 

Isaac will be joining the Department of Chemical Engineering, UP Diliman as an Assistant Professor and will lead his own research team soon.

January 2021 - May 2021

NICER - ENVITECS (Effective Network for a Viable Institutionalized Technology with Environmental Compliance Standards)

Air SAVER - Air Adsorption Silica-Alumina Technology for Valenzuela Environmental Remediation (Project 3, PhP 16,000,000.00) has been approved for funding by DOST to address the needs of the local industries in managing their VOC emissions. This project leverages on the recrystallized natural zeolites for VOC adsorption. Dr. Ramuel John Tamargo at the Department of Chemical Engineering is the project lead and Dr. Alamani is a Project Staff (Level III).

Zinc can Modify Surface Termination of Calcium Oxalate

Dr. Alamani has published his a paper entitled "Zinc Ions Modify Calcium Oxalate Growth by Distinct Transformation of Crystal Surface Termination." in Crystal Growth and Design (ACS). The work elucidates influence of a common divalent ion on surface termination of a growing crystal which has implications in biomineralization such as those in pathological calcification. This work has been in done partnership with Prof. Julian Gale of Curtin University (Perth, WA) and Prof. Jeffrey Rimer of University of Houston (TX, USA). This work received support from UP ECWRG and UP ERDFI. Congrats Dr. Alamani!

New publication on Nucleation of Molecular Crystals

Isaac has published his first paper entitled "Influence of volume on the nucleation of model organic molecular crystals through an induction time approach." in Crystal Growth and Design (ACS). This captures insights on polymorphs of molecular crystals under the influence of volume effects. This work has been in done partnership with Allan Myerson of MIT Chemical Engineering (Boston,MA). Congrats Isaac!

December 2020

Congratulations to Engr. Jose Aldrin Vea for completing his Online Follow-up Training Course on Reactor Engineering held virtually from 27 October -16 December 2020 sponsored by the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute.

CBEG is proud of you!

October 2020

Drive Air-ni-Juan: Aluminosilicate Technology for Compact Air Purification

 CRADLE Challenge Science for Change Program Department of Science and Technology (DOST)

Dr. Alamani shall lead a DOST funded project (PhP 4,999,926.40) on developing purification systems using aluminosilicates. This project will be done in partnership with local industry players. Project will start on June 2021.

In situ SPM studies on Calcium Oxalate Mineralization

 Enhanced Creative Work and Research Grant - UP System Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Alamani shall lead a UP System funded funded project on understanding the dynamics of mineral-ion interactions using in situ SPM. This work is also done in partnership with Prof. Jeffrey D. Rimer (University of Houston, Texas USA) and Prof. Julian D. Gale (Curtin University, Perth Western Australia)

September 2020

2020-2021 TrainIQA Program

Dr. Alamani is one the selected trainers for the 2020-2021 Training on Internal Quality Assurance (TrainIQA) Program of the ASEAN QA and the University of Potsdam, Germany.

PyMOR School 2020

Gab got accepted to the PyMOR Online Course 2020 normally held at the Max Planck Institute Magdeburg, Germany. This is a week-long program starting from September 28, 2020. 

The program will consist of introductory lectures on MOR methods available in pyMOR. It will also include programming sessions where participants will be able to use pyMOR with the help of pyMOR developers. 

Congrats and good luck Gab! 

August 2020

2020 AIChE Annual Meeting

Charlene, Paul, and Isaac are accepted as presenting authors for this year's AIChE Annual meeting. The conference will be 100% virtual and is scheduled on November 16-20, 2020.

Charlene will present her study on the effects of hydroxycitrate in the crystallization of brushite via bulk and interfacial studies.

Paul will present at two different sessions. It will be about his studies on the influence of heavy metals on struvite crystallization in wastewater, and on the use of magnesium ammonium phosphate crystallization for nutrient removal.

Isaac will present at three different sessions about his studies on the effects of volume on acetaminophen and glycine nucleation, and the effects of salt additives on glycine polymorphism.

Great job and good luck everyone!

July 2020

Remote Thesis Defense

Engr. Ma. Charlene C. Tapia is the first alumna of CBEG in the first ever Remote Thesis Defense of the Department of Chemical Engineering last July 2, 2020 via Zoom Meeting . Her thesis title is "Cabroxylate and Phosphate Inhibitors of Calcium Phosphate Crystallization".  

Her panel members are: Dr. Bryan G. Alamani (Adviser), Dr. Jem Valerie D. Perez (Co-adviser), Dr. Julie Anne D. Del Rosario (Panel Chair), and Dr. Rizalinda L. De Leon (Panel Reader). 

More successes to come! 

May 2020

2020 MECO-TECO Sandwich Program

Paul and Don were accepted for the MECO-TECO Sandwich Scholarship Program at National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), Taiwan. Don will work at the laboratory of Professor Jason Hung. Paul will work in the laboratory of Professor Chiaying Chen. Congrats Don and Paul!

February 2020

Thesis proposal defense

Paul defended his thesis proposal on the effects of heavy metals on struvite crystallization and is now an MS Candidate. Congrats Paul!

Collaborative Research Work at NanoLSI in Kanazawa University

Charlene is currently a visiting researcher at NanoLSI in Kanazawa University. She will be doing AFM studies for her calcium phosphate crystals. All the best Charlene!

December 2019

ChE Undergraduate Research Colloquium

Undergraduate students of CBEG defended their thesis proposal in the 2019 ChE Undergraduate Research Colloquium. Congrats!

Thesis Proposal Defense

Don defended his thesis proposal on struvite crystallization and is now MS Candidate. Congrats Don!

ChE Graduate Research Colloquium

Aldrin, Rica and Charlene defended their thesis proposal in the 2019 ChE Graduate Research Colloquium and are now MS Candidates. Congrats Aldrin, Rica and Charlene!

October 2019

Approved Research Grant

Don's application for a research grant for his master's thesis on struvite crystallization has been approved by the ERDT Fellowship Screening and Selection Committee (FSSC).

9th ASIP International Conference, Student Innovation Competition

Charlene presented her study on inhibitors of calcium phosphate crystallization in the student innovation competition of the 9th ASIP International  Conference: Technology and Innovation for SMEs and was awarded second place. Congrats, Charlene!

September 2019

3rd Technology Hour 

Dr. Alamani presented his work and the current projects in CBEG in the recent technology hour organized by UP ERDFI. This event is a venue that bridge academe and industry/government to collaborate in developing engineering solutions to address problems or to take advantage of opportunities. 

First Group Hang-out

CBEG members enjoyed board games and snacks at Snacks and Ladders Maginhawa.

UP Centennial Faculty Grant

Dr. Alamani is one of the recipients of the 2019 UP Faculty Centennial Grant. The awarding ceremony was held on September 2, 2019 during the University Council Meeting at the UP College of Education

August 2019

Charlene is at the 8th BIO AFM Summer School in Kanazawa

Charlene was selected to attend the 8th Bio AFM Summer School in Kanazawa University in Japan. She is one of the 23 selected participants where she worked on learning FM-AFM in elucidating interfacial dynamics and growth of inorganic crystals. Congrats Charlene!

July 2019

EnE Graduate Colloquium

Don and Paul participated in the mid year EnE Graduate Colloquium. The event is a venue that showcased the work of EnE MS and PhD students.

May 2019

PhD Candidate

Isaac has defended his dissertation proposal on co-crystallization and is now a PhD Candidate. Congrats Isaac!

March 2019

Approved Research Grant

Charlene's application for a research grant for her master's thesis on inhibitors of calcium phosphate crystallization has been approved by the ERDT Fellowship Screening and Selection Committee (FSSC).