CBD Body Lotion

CBD Lotion : The Wonderful Power of Hemp

CBD lotion is a topical infused with CBD - a compound taken from the hemp plant. The hemp plant is also known as Cannabis sativa plant or marijuana. However, it doesn’t affect your mental state. The reason is the amount of CBD contained in all the products, which are lesser than 0.3% of THC. The best part about CBD is you get all the benefits without side effects.

CBD Lotion Benefits

CBD has covered a vast area of concern and still growing. Here is a list of some conditions you can get help with using CBD lotion:

Muscle & Joint pain


Chronic pain


Multiple sclerosis

Skin infections

Wrinkles & anti-aging



Skin inflammation


Rashes & burns



Post-workout soreness

Let’s get some in-depth insight.

Muscle Pain

As the CBD recently got legal approval, there’s not much research done to back up the effectiveness of its pain-relieving quality. Also, CBD hasn’t gained FDA approval to heal or diagnose muscle pain either. However, thousands of people tried the CBD lotion and found it extremely effective, and noticed progress in their condition.

Again, many studies were done by The National Academies that proved significant improvements in the senior patients going through muscle conditions. Although it needs deeper research, all the studies are done - on humans and animals - by now is enough to prove CBD’s promising healing qualities.


It’s an autoimmune skin condition. The study says, more than eight million Americans are affected by psoriasis. Although FDA hasn’t approved CBD lotion yet, it still showed the potential to promote healthy skin. There are numerous medications available to treat psoriasis, but CBD is the only natural alternative.

Rashes & Burns

Since CBD oil in CBD lotion is an effective natural emollient, it works wonders on any sort of dryness and irritation. Rashes and burns are no exceptions to irritated skin. That’s why CBD lotion soothes the distressed skin easily too.

Wrinkles & Anti-Aging

Since CBD oil is being studied as a potential moisturizer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory, it can be a great anti-aging supplement too. CBD oil lotions, CBD salves, and CBD balms can promote oil production in our skin as the makeup lipids found in our skin are quite similar.

This oil production prevents lines and wrinkles as these tend to appear more on drier skin. CBD hand lotions are also great for wrinkles on the hands. Start using the CBD hand lotions as soon as you notice any wrinkles or fine lines on your hand to prevent getting firmer wrinkles.


Arthritis is one of the leading causes of disability in America.

Although it still needs solid research, many people are using the CBD body lotion and have found improvement in their arthritis condition and mobility issues.

Upon application of the CBD lotion to the painful joint area, massaging the area can reduce the pain. However, it’s not any cure for these conditions; instead, the CBD body lotion can

be considered a pain-reliever.


Eczema is a skin condition mostly caused by allergies to pollen or other air particles. It’s a very itchy, painful, and uncomfortable condition, and it affects about minions of people. CBD body lotion’s moisturizing elements can help people suffering from eczema. It soothes the irritating skin and gives them relief.


Chemotherapy comes with the most known secondary effect - nausea. It’s one of the reasons life’s quality plummets.

Aromatherapy given with CBD lotions is exceptionally soothing for people suffering from nausea. It’s terrible itself, and CBD is trying to help with this common side effect. Although CBD is now considered an organic supplement to fight against nausea problems, the FDA hasn’t yet been approved to treat nausea.

CBD Body Lotion for Acne

Everyone in their lifetime has faced acne one time or another. CBD oil lotion helps people fight acne.

The high amount of EFAs tends to match with the human skin lipids and contain heavy moisturizing properties. It can moisturize from the deepest layer of skin. However, the FDA hasn’t still approved CBD lotion for acne treatment yet.

From the above discussion, it’s apparent that CBD products are beneficial for so many skin conditions. To give your skin the best CBD products, try out the EmperorOne. They have a top-quality CBD product line made with fantastic health benefits and relaxation for the users.

Does CBD Lotion work? If Yes, How?

We read about which sicknesses CBD can help us with. But the question remains - does CBD lotion work? Let’s find out.

While the topicals can address the pain of a specific area like joints, it won’t go into the bloodstream. This means; although the CBD topical lotion can heal the surface, it can’t heal systemic problems.

Some trusted CBD topical lotion don’t temporarily heal the pain; they can make the pain go away for a while. It’s due to the greater concentration of cannabinoid receptors on our skin. So yes, we can say the CBD lotion work.

How Does CBD Lotion Work On Your Body?

With all the details going on, you might be wondering by now how does CBD lotion work on your body. Don’t stress yourself so much. We’ve got you covered

As soon as you put CBD lotions on your skin, it starts to soak all the ingredients and CBD in the lotion. It works much faster than the CBD oils as they’re applied straight to the affected area and soaked up through the uppermost skin layer.

It’s different from the ingested CBD as it gets digested by your body and gets into the bloodstream. However, the CBD topical lotions don’t get into your bloodstream, meaning, there’s no chance of getting your body affected, and the effects are limited to the area where the topicals are applied.

However, the transdermal patches are an exception. These get way much deeper into the body and then into your bloodstream.

Once your highest skin layer soaked the CBD, multiple processes start to make the CBD a legit pain relief form. CBD makes sure the inflammation is less by limiting the signal that immune cells released, yet the body is still capable of healing.

Besides mitigating the inflammation, CBD can increase the amount of pain-relieving endocannabinoids in your body. These natural signals make their way throughout your body and control the pain and ensure the body doesn’t feel overpowered. As CBD numbs the pain receptors, CBD lotions are a fantastic method of topical pain relief.

The CBD alone doesn’t act upon your body; other ingredients like essential oils, healing herbs, and many more also significantly impact the damaged area. CBD helps your body heal naturally and manage main in a very subtle way. Hence, the ingredients in the products are also picked carefully. Again, a big shout out to EmperorOne for their amazing CBD product line.


A lot of the CBD lotions have elements like camphor, menthol, or Vitamin A in them, so ensure you check the ingredient list before buying. If you don’t have any allergic problems with any ingredients, give the CBD products a shot.

CBD products are made of organic ingredients to heal a vast amount of diseases. But please make sure you consult your physician before trying out any CBD product.