CB Traffic Bots Review

CB Traffic Bots Review

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Welcome to my cb traffic bots review i'm here inside the members area of cb traffic bots this is the software this is what it looks like and during this review we're going to have a look inside i'll show you the features i'll show you exactly what you can do to get commissions from clickbank with this software we will also have a look at the sales page right here and we'll see if in my opinion this sales page lives up to the claims being made i mean the product lists up the to the claims we made on this sales page by the creator of cb traffic bots Chris so i will just go through this quickly and have a look there and also i've put together a package of custom and exclusive bonuses that you can get your hands on by purchasing cb traffic bots through the link below this post so go ahead and click on that link if you want to purchase cb traffic bots.

Also if you want more information about it because that link will take you straight to my website first which is this one right here where you will find out more about cb traffic bots pricing and upsells as well which we will cover in full detail later during this review so stay tuned for that but first let's have a quick look at my exclusive bonuses these bonuses will not be available anywhere else but by purchasing cb traffic bots through the link below this video and then by clicking any of the green buttons anywhere on this page like this one or the one down here and there's a few more so if you click any of those buttons you will be taken to the sales page for cv traffic bots then you will be able to make your purchase on the warrior plus platform you will find my bonuses then inside your purchase receipt which is going to look like this there will be an extra button saying access affiliate bonus this email or sorry this purchase receipt can be found in your email after your purchase so that's where my bonuses will be located now what are these bonuses and why did i put these together for this product these bonuses are all going to help you get better results from cb traffic bots so cb traffic bots as i said it is a software to drive traffic to clickbank offers.

Why Invest In CB Traffic Bots

Now first of all you don't have to use clickbank offers you can use any affiliate offers and also uh you don't have to limit yourself to the traffic that you will generate using this software you can actually go out and get more traffic yourself through some of my favorite traffic sources which is exactly where bonus number one is going to kick in bonus number one is my course on how to drive unlimited free traffic as well as some basic beginner-friendly paid traffic sources that you can use to immediately get tons and tons of visitors to your cb traffic bots for those juicy affiliate commissions so that's bonus number one bonus number two like i said you don't have to limit yourself to clickbank offers if you want to find other affiliate offers to promote including some high ticket offers which are going to really get you high commissions like hundreds sometimes even thousands of dollars per sale in commissions then this bonus is for you that's bonus number two bonus number three is going to show you four different hacks to make more money with cb traffic bots because it's going to show you some tips some tricks and techniques that you can implement immediately in your campaigns to see better results from the same amount of traffic so instead of having to drive more traffic to get more results you just implement these hacks and you will get more leads more sales from the same amount of traffic that's bonus number three and then finally bonus number four is going to show you how to use cb traffic bots to build your email list for long-term profits so if you really want to turn affiliate marketing into a long-term business that's going to sustain you for years to come then you need to start building a email list so what i'm going to show you in bonus number four is how to get started with email marketing what kind of software to use how to actually write good emails to your list once you have some people on there to make sure that they're gonna like you and trust you so they will buy it from you again and again in the future when you promote more products and also it's going to give you some done for you tools like landing pages and email swipes that you can copy paste so basically everything you need to start email marketing the right way is included in bonus number four so those four bonuses you will all get by purchasing cb traffic bots through the link below this video because that is the bonuses that i personally put together for you for this product so go ahead and purchase through any of these buttons to get access to those bonuses.

CB Traffic Bots Demo

Now visit the link below to jump into the actual software let me give you a quick demo of how to create a campaign with the software and then how to share those campaigns so the first step you will see this dashboard where you can find your existing campaigns and then you can create a new campaign by this button right here so you click on a new campaign and you will be able to start creating your campaign now this is going to first of all get a video so you can use any video from youtube because of course youtube videos are you're allowed to embed those on your website so that's what this software does so you will want to find a video on youtube on the uh in a niche that you want to promote so let's say you want to start promoting a weight loss offer so um i'll just type in weight loss on youtube and then we will find this video six simple ways to lose a little weight that sounds like a great video to get started with so we will do what we will call this campaign a weight loss we will put in video url from youtube and then the video that you just saw right here on youtube is now uh up here in our dashboard of um cd traffic bots then we click on next and we can say which niche is this in so we will find dieting and then the best part is that they have all this done for you stuff then so they will give it a title for you how to lose belly fat they will put in some keywords some description some tags and you can also set up a retargeting pixel if you want and then you can say how many products do you want to promote so we can put in three for example then you will see three products here two then it will show these two products here or four and then it will show these four products um and that's uh what we're gonna do we're actually gonna do two so we have two products right here then we click on next and then we can actually add the products so what we can do is we can actually grab any of these products from clickbank to promote so flat belly fix that is a product from quick clickbank now and then it's even gonna populate it with your own clickbank affiliate link right here so what you can do is you can go and if you go to your profile right here then you can go and set your own affiliate id for clickbank right here so i just said test123 as an example but you can put in your own affiliate id right here and then here it's going to create the link for flat valley fix on clickbank with your clickbank affiliate id so you don't have to even go to clickbank to find an offer to promote you can simply select one from the box right here and then add it to this and then the second one we will choose red tea detox and again it's going to populate it you can of course change all of this if you want if you want to add a custom affiliate offer all you need to do is change the title description price and the link and then you can add any for offer that you want then we click on next we can customize the player you can see the color is now blue if we want this to be red uh we can do that now the player is red and do we want this control bar at the bottom or not do we want it to be auto played well remember auto play doesn't really work that well in most browsers these days but it's still an option here then you can also customize the looks and feel of the product right here the button color etc.

How To Share Your CB Traffic Bot Campaigns

Then sharing you can add sharing buttons for social media like facebook right here twitter then it comes up here etc we can also add a brand so you can have a brand link and an image the branding will show up there so if you want to add your own logo you can do that now i click on submit and then we can go and start promoting because now we have sorry we have this offer right here with this campaign created now we can go and um let's see what is this is the video this is the oh yeah so this is the embed code so this we can put on our own website if we want to embed this on our own website um we can also just use the page as it has been created for us so if you don't want it put this on your own website you can just send traffic to this page you can have facebook comments below here so you can have people comment on facebook and then they can watch the video and then buy any of these products through these links they can share this on social media etc and then uh yeah you can edit it again of course so now uh to get traffic from social media all you need to do is go to the social accounts section right here then you add your accounts for twitter edit and linkedin and then you click on promote and then over here you can then start promoting your campaigns you click on new promote you select the campaign that you've just created you put in a message and a hashtag if you want or just uses the message right here and then it's previews the pros you click on next you can choose to instantly promote it or schedule it in the future for a future posting on your social media that you have connected here in social accounts so that is in a nutshell cb traffic bots that's how you can create campaigns and then share them to social media now if you want to drive more traffic than just from social media of course grab this through the link below this video because you will get all of my bonuses.

Check Out CB Traffic Bot Sales Page

Now let's have a quick look at the sales page and then we'll talk about the pricing and the upsells so world's first all-in-one affiliate and traffic app makes it 60 times clickbank commissions by driving diving sorry into six times free traffic pools in four clicks so affiliates plug into the 1.3 billion dollar traffic polls in four clicks uh it's a four click cloud-based app but you saw how easy it was to use so i don't know about the four click thing but yeah it was pretty easy to use get free traffic fast generate clickbank sales fast become a super affiliate etc um so this is all like kind of high p marketing text but i i think from the demo i gave you earlier you get an idea of what the software actually does and how it works and there will be some training and videos included as well that you can go through if you still can't figure it out after this and of course uh make sure to grab it during the launch period for the greatest discount through this link right here um because there will be automated price increases during the launch and this is not fake scarcity the price is actually going to go up every single hour during the launch now the launch takes place today on the 9th of september 2020 so if you're watching this then now you can get in at the lowest possible price if you're watching this later the price is still going to go up more as long as we are in the launch this is the launch countdown timer right here on my page which is accessible to the link below this video when this timer runs out that is when the launch discount will unfortunately disappear so make sure you get in before that happens if you want to get in at the lowest possible price now what is that price the price will start at 17 and go up to 20 dollars during this launch period so that is the price during the launch then we have the upsells completely optional but you can grab these for some extra features so the first one allows you to launch unlimited campaigns instead of the 10 maximum with the front end for unlimited traffic and affiliate commissions for 29 the second upsell is the autopilot edition which will activate 60 more affiliate programs every day with over 1500 campaigns instantly pre-loaded for 39 so way more offers in there upsell number three is a done for you edition for 197 their team is going to set up the site completely for you all they need is your clickbank id and they will create a full-blown website for you to promote those offers on upsell number four for also 197 dollars will be um the ability to sell this product as your own and keep 100 of the profits for yourself so you can make sales of this product and then keep all the profits as you want mega bundle edition then upsell five is for 97.37 different software tools that cost the creator of this over three hundred thousand dollars to create and you're gonna get access to that for just 97 so those are the upsells as i said they are completely optional all you need to do to grab this software that i showed you here and with all of my custom and exclusive bonuses is pay 17 or up to 20 dollars during this discount launch period through the link below this video and then by clicking any of the green buttons on this page so that wraps up my cb traffic bots review thank you so much for watching make sure to hit the like button if you like this review subscribe to my youtube channel for more product reviews and other internet marketing tips and tricks and hopefully i'll see you in the next review!

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