Angelo Castigliola

Welcome to Angelo Castigliola's personal website. Here I plan to keep notes of my speaking engagements, current development, and source code repositories. Thank you for visiting.

12/21/2019 7:44am EST - It has been a while since I updated my blag. I have been working with a few arduinos. I wish I had something cool to build with them but nothing yet. I did order some RFID parts so I'm sure I will think of something. Love you all.

11/17/2019 7:15pm EST - A 2600 "The Hacker Quarterly" cover (Volume Twenty-Four, Number Two) and some ansii art:

11/15/2019 3:31pm EST - I created more training files that can be found on my github for training ChatterBots.

11/14/2019 3:54pm EST - Meet L0ra. A AI ChatterBot that is currently reading twitter non-stop and tweeting every minute. By far the most fun code I ever written. All of L0ra's ChatterBot the training files can be found on my github.

11/14/2019 1:03pm EST - The new ChatterBot platform training files were created by massaging data from Twitter and used to train an AI bot to be more human. These training datasets from from the #chat hashtag on Twitter. It's a funny hashtag by the way... Lulz.

11/14/2019 11:13am EST - This python script will train the AI using a large Twitter dataset. Code is written to train bots using the ChatterBot platform. Specifically, the python script will train a bot for the chat "Tell me about yourself." The bot will then respond with a single record from the large Twitter dataset.

11/14/2019 9:12am EST - The ChatterBot training python code has been placed in my github repository. This is a work in progress.

11/13/2019 11:14pm EST - I'm still working on V3 of this dataset of the people I follow on twitter (Ange1oc.) This dataset can be used for AI ChatterBot training. I plan to make public the actual python ChatterBot training code to my github repository later.

11/13/2019 10:24pm EST - This is a dataset of the people I follow on twitter (Ange1oc.) This is a raw dataset that can be used the train an AI bot using the ChatterBot platform, Microsoft Bot Framework or others.

11/13/2019 7:38pm EST - I dropped the first twitter dataset of all of the users that I follow's bios into a raw twitter dataset file located on my github. Hands down the funniest dataset I have ever worked with in my life. Lulz.

11/13/2019 6:33pm EST - I programmed the AI ChatterBot on Twitter who is named L0ra to send a tweet every 3 hours. L0ra is currently off the rails as every AI bot is. Progress.

11/13/2019 5:00pm EST - I am currently working on building a large dataset (3000 or so records) from twitter users used to train ChatterBot deployments. I plan to release this large dataset as a python ChatterBot training program on my github. To be continued.