Create Tiktok SHOP


Do you want to use TikTok to sell goods? The most widely used app in the globe,'s traffic in 2021 even surpassed that of Google.

At the same time, live shopping is rapidly developing in China, with annual sales topping $100 billion US. Particularly on the Douyin App, the Chinese counterpart of TikTok.

At a private gathering of cross-border business owners in China, Bob, vice president of TikTok and head of e-commerce, stated: "Tiktok e-commerce will open 20 countries in 2022 and enter major global mainstream markets in the next five years, with a scale of hundreds of billions of dollars."


Create TikTok Shop Course for Beginner (Classroom / Online Zoom Training) provides knowledge and skills for participants to use Social Media TikTok Shop platform to e-Commerce Market Place to sell products Online.

Suitable for Housewife, Freelancer, Home-based Business Owner. Small Medium Enterprise.

What you will learn

  • 1. All about TikTok marketing and live shopping : How to sell products on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube by live?

  • 2. Start live shopping and TikTok shop with zero basis.

  • 3. Detailed explanation of livestreaming shopping room construction and equipments.

  • 4. Referral traffic for live room and sidelights in the live.

  • 5. Pricing guide for livestreaming shopping products and high transaction package.

  • 6. Live shopping process and high transaction script.

  • 7. Cooperation skills of interactive order promotion which host and assistants are often used.

  • 8. Taboos of live streaming shopping and avoidance of minefields.

  • 9. Ten rules of live commerce(shopping) and TikTok marketing.

  • 10. Recommendation algorithm and rules of TikTok shop and live shopping.