The direct deposit on Cash App has completely transformed the way employers receive the pay-checks. Earlier the physical checks used to be the only way to get the funds but now it is changing. The Cash App direct deposit is beneficial to both the employee and employers. It saves employers as they do not have to personally visit the bank to deposit money.

Although there are so many great features of the Cash App such as activate cash card, free money on Cash App, but the direct deposit makes it unique from other payment gateways. So, if you have not already started receiving direct deposit on Cash App account then you must do it now. You can very easily set-up a direct deposit on Cash App by taking certain steps.

How to enable Cash App direct deposit?

To enable the direct deposit on Cash App you must be 18+ and a citizen of the United States of America. You can set-up a direct deposit Cash App by following some of the steps that we have mentioned below:

1. Install Cash App for account login and if you do not have an account then create it by clicking the sign-in option

2. On the left side of the screen tab on the “My Cash” tap

4. Thereafter you will get the option for“Direct Deposit” and “Get Account Number”

5. It is required that you have an account or routing number to enable direct deposit

6. Once the account or routing number is present on the screen then copy it or note down. So, after setting up the account or routing number you need to share it with your employer to get the pay-check through Cash App direct deposit.

Cash App direct deposit failed

So, as we above due its so many benefits the direct deposits are becoming a popular way to receive the pay-check. However, there are some issues with it such as Cash App Direct Deposit Form , Cash App Direct Deposit Time .

A direct deposit remains pending due to the following reason:

· Have not updated the Cash App on mobile phone

· Insufficient balance in cash app account

· Server issues and cash app not working

· Low-Speed internet connections

If you are wondering what happens when a cash app direct deposit fails then call the Cash App support number. As we have mentioned above the Direct Deposit Cash App failed is possible due to different reasons. To avoid this issue, you must note all the precautions.

However, if the direct deposit is pending for a longer period of time then we recommend that you should contact the Cash App service phone number. Here you will get to know the exact reason behind this issue and the Cash App Support team will help you to fix it.

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