Links and Resources

Links to useful information

CSTUG Constitution and By-Laws

Cary Senior Tech Ed (with links to class schedule)

AARP's Technology Education YouTube site. TONS of videos with many topics, including social media, smartphones, staying safe online and a whole lot more. All free

If you're an AARP member there are a LOT of good podcasts, classes and information here. If you're NOT an AARP member, you can still access some of the resources, but it is much more limited.

Links to support on all Apple products and software. Contains articles, "how to" guides, info on both iPhone/iPad, and everything else Apple...

In addition to the resources on the site above, Apple maintains a YouTube home with professionally produced videos that center on using iPhone/iPad effectively and exploring things you never knew you could do, or things you wanted to do but didn't know how

(I'm sure many of us have called it that at some point...) This site covers Windows, Mac, Linux, smartphones and all sorts of technology. VERY helpful information, including various tutorials on just about any subject you can think of.

Go to this site for help with any Microsoft product, including Windows, Microsoft Office, Skype, Surface tablets, XBox and more

Microsoft-provided utilities for supported versions of Windows (7, 8 and 10)