Welcome Friends!

Hello from the

Friends of Carroll Park!

We were neighbors….now friends,

that came together for the betterment of Carroll Park

and the Carroll Park neighborhood.

As a group, Friends of Carroll Park

nurtures the park with hands-on care and maintenance,

attends planning meetings, and provides events for the community.

Everyone can play a part in the success of the park,

whether it be volunteering, cleaning, gardening, or planning.

We are always open to new members, helping hands, and new ideas!

Get out & Give Back! Won't you join us?

Park Friends Network Value Statement

As a Registered Philadelphia Park Friends Network member group, our main goal is to serve the park or playground we represent. This is a large responsibility, and we pledge to represent our diverse community’s interests to City agencies and Philadelphia as a whole.

We pledge to our community that we will follow open and transparent practices. We will ensure all members of the community feel welcome to participate in our friends group. We will clearly communicate how new members can join the group. We will inform our community of our activities and decisions. We strive to represent the diverse users of the park within the makeup of our group.

We will treat all members of our group with respect, as well as Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and Fairmount Park Conservancy staff.

We will treat all the visitors of the park and all members of our larger community with respect, fairness, and a welcoming spirit.

We welcome all people to our park and group, regardless of race, age, ability, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or nation of origin.