Interviews & Forums

At a forum held at Reedley College, on February 15, 2018, highlighting candidates for Congress from California's 22nd District, and sponsored by United Valley Civics. Each candidate made an opening statement.

The first question concerned healthcare

The next question asked about how to bring jobs to our district.

In light of recent #MeToo revelations and developments, this question asked about a range of women's issues. The previous speaker referred to me as "Pro-Life," so I began by explaining why I prefer the terms "whole life," "consistent life," or "respecting life."

Another hot topic was guns. This forum came the day after the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting. I had spent a good portion of the day discussing school shootings and gun issues with my own junior high classes. Looking back, much has changed on this issue in just the past six weeks.

The question involved immigration reform in general, but the heat of the moment was focused on DACA.

What can be done to increase voter turnout?

The question involved how we can loosen the legislative gridlock and partisanship.

My closing statement at the Feb 15, 2018, candidate forum at Reedley College, sponsored by United Valley Civics. Four candidates for California's 22nd Congressional District took part.