"I can assure you that the Premium Plus Membership was a massive assistance and great value, when we were planning our move from UAE to PT, and Carl & co. GMP networking was a massive assistance. We have used Ei!, Winsurance and GIR. And Carl's daily vlogs, and weekly discussions on PT relocation were also very useful. Many thanks for your assistance and I am happy to continue to support and promote your cause to others going forward. Keep up the good work, and may see you in Portimao one day....."

- Premium Plus participant (-:

"We were part of the Beta group last fall, and I wanted to let you know that our D7’s have been approved and we will have our passports back in-hand tomorrow. Hooray! Expats Portugal was a huge help on our journey, and we used both Vitor for an apartment and Nuno for Insurance. You have our heartfelt thanks for all you and the team are doing. Next stop….Braga at the end of June!" - Premium Plus participant (-:

"One of the best decisions I ever made upon relocating to Lisboa, Portugal was to become a member of ExpatsPortugal hosted by Carl Munson. It has proven to be an invaluable resource on many levels. First you have so many experts in their fields as part of the Expat Community not only from Portugal but other locations. The knowledge and guidance with instructions on various topics is outstanding on a consistent basis. We have just fun, lots of laughter with sharing stories, photos, wine, gardening, health, and legal information pertaining of Visa relocation, etc. ExpatsPortugal is your neighbour next door welcoming you to the community. I highly recommend joining ExpatsPortugal anywhere in the world."

- Community member (-:

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