Complex and Glassy Systems

Cargese 2024

July 9th - 19th

This school and workshop explores the topics around Complex and Glassy Systems from a statistical physics perspective. It aims to foster interactions among researchers while providing students with a solid and advanced knowledge on recent developments in this rich and active field of research, which involves several important problems in statistical physics, with particular emphasis on the interdisciplinary applications that these important developments have generated in recent years in various fields ranging from theoretical computer science to biology and social sciences.  


Stochastic dynamics and out of equilibrium systems

Eric Vanden-Eijnden


Random high-dimensional landscapes

Valentina Ros

Université Paris-Saclay

Statistical physics approaches to ecological communities

Guy Bunin


Application of statistical physics to computer science

Marc Mézard 

Università Bocconi

Discussion sessions

Driven disordered systems: 

Economy and ecology:

Collective behavior in active matter:

Machine learning: 

Dynamics and computer simulations: 

Challenges in out-of-equilibrium dynamics: 

Elisabeth Agoritsas & Alberto Rosso

Ada Altieri & Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

Hugues Chaté & Silke Henkes

Beatriz Seoane & Aurelien Decelle

Mizaki Ozawa & Camille Scalliet

Leticia Cugliandolo & Jorge Kurchan

Public lecture

A lecture open to the general public will be given by TBA.


In addition to the lectures and discussions, several international speakers will contribute with seminars on current research topics.


Stefano Allesina

Maria Chiara Angelini

Andrea Cavagna

Silvio Franz

Marylou Gabrié

Surya Ganguli

Sebastian Goldt

Florent Krzakala

Claudio Maggi

Pierre Ronceray

Pierfrancesco Urbani

Lenka Zdeborová


Ecology and random matrix theory

Machine learning and inference

Collective behaviour in biological systems

Dynamics of disordered systems

Machine learning and scientific computing


Machine learning

Statistical physics and machine learning

Active matter

Stochastic Inference

Dynamical mean-field theory and applications

Disordered systems and out of equilibrium dynamics 


G. Biroli, C. Cammarota, A. Manacorda, G. Tarjus, M. Tarzia