Tips for Using Cardboard Boxes as Book Storage

Books are one of those things no one feels bad about purchasing. You intend to read something new in order to expand your knowledge, hone your expertise, or just open your mind to something new. While many items cause the onset of buyer’s remorse, books are almost never one of them.

However, how often do you finish that book you just bought all the way through? It seems that half the time, it just sits there unread, taking up space on your shelves.

There comes a time when storing your extra books makes sense. Maybe you’ll never get to a certain book but don’t want to toss it. Or maybe your bookshelves are overflowing and you need to tidy them up. Whatever the cause, CArdboard boxes are a great choice for putting your books away in storage.

Prepare the box for packing.

If you buy new boxes, you’ll first need to put them together. Make sure you seal the bottom well by doubling the amount of packing tape. Once you’ve assembled your boxes, put a few books in to see if the bottom holds. You don’t want the boxes bottoming out when you’re carrying your books to the place you’ll be storing them.

How to pack your books.

You can pack your books by placing them in the box standing upright, making sure that the spine is against the box's side. Alternatively, laying the books flat is another great option. Just make sure that they're all packed well, but not too tightly. They can be damaged when removing them if they’re squeezed in too tight.

Another tip is to use filler paper to fill the gaps in any remaining spaces. Books can shift easily when being moved. You don’t want hardback books damaging the paperbacks.

Picking the right environment to store your books.

Keep the boxes in cool areas with low humidity. You don’t want your books warping because of an unusually high damp area that you could’ve avoided.

You should also keep them away from sources of heat. Books stored too close to appliances or heat ducts may also warp. Just remember to keep them stored in cool temperatures—a room temperature of 60-70 degrees will do.

Keep away from light sources. Direct sunlight will bleach out and even ruin the binding and pages in books. If you’ve chosen a place like your basement or completely enclosed your books in a taped cardboard box, though, this shouldn’t be a problem.

With all that said, books are for reading! Get to reading those untouched books that you bought at some point long ago. And show off your collection with your bookcases. While putting some away in storage is sometimes necessary, you’d probably rather have most of them out on display, right?