Carcosa FC Guild Ball Slow Grow League

"Welcome to the pitch..."

Guild Ball is a dynamic, interactive, and strategic skirmish scale game where cracking heads and striking goals are equally valid ways to win matches! This league is designed for old and new players alike, and puts the emphasis simply on playing games of Guild Ball, while also painting up new models.

The League will kick off April 8th but signups will be available from March 27th. This gives you more time to start prepping and painting! You can buy your official ticket here.

The Game

Coaches manage a team of 6 players belonging to one of the Guilds of the Free City. These matches are for more than just the love of the game or bragging rights. Political strife and sinister plots between guilds are settled on the pitch, and as such games are just as likely to end with violent defeat as they are with skillful play!

To participate you need a minimum of 6 players from a Guild of your choice. Please feel free to ask Mark Popinchalk (@merkperpencherk) if you have questions about guilds or where to purchase.

    • Mark also has the following boxes at half MSRP price, serving players with no Guild Ball models first
      • Falconers - "Daughter of Falcons"
      • Navigators - "Tales of the New World"
      • Ratcatchers - "Paying the Piper"
      • Farmers - "The Honest Land"
      • Blacksmiths - "Forged From Steel"

League Design

  • Play as much Guild Ball as you can!
      • Newer players will have the opportunity to play smaller games early on,
      • But full size games are always encouraged!
  • You don't have to start a new Guild, but you won't have access to some of the possible points without doing so.
  • To score points for games played and models painted requires posting to various Carcosa Slack channels.
    • This helps me keep track, while also building community!
  • Scoring Rules are listed below, and the living leaderboard is here.
  • Have fun!

Cost of the League

  • $15 initial Sign up fee for members $20 for Non-members. This will be for overall league prizes and having an initial fee usually leads to more committed participants.
  • This signup cost includes entry and a guaranteed spot to the final tournament in May 18th , 2019. Sign up here (May have to scroll down).

League Rules

Games Played

  • 1 point per week for playing a game AND posting a photo with the result to the Guild Ball channel.
    • 1 additional point per week for playing 2 or more games.
  • 1 point per week for winning any number of games.

Total of 18 points possible

  • Cannot play the same person more than twice in a row.
  • Your opponent does not need to be in the league.
  • At least one game per week needs to be played at Carcosa.
  • You don't have to play the same Guild every game!
    • You get a tiny bonus for playing at least one game a week with the same guild, see below.

Game Size

Minimum size of the game is determined by week. You can always play a larger scale if desired.

  • Week 1 - 3v3 [2'x2' pitch]
  • Week 2 - 4v4 w/ terrain [2'x3' pitch (regulars goals on a narrow field)]
  • Week 3 - 4v4 w/ terrain 30 min clocks
  • Week 4 - 6v6 w/ terrain 45 min clocks [3'x3' pitch]
  • Week 5 - 6v6 w/ terrain 45 min clocks plot cards
  • Week 6 - 6v6 w/ terrain 45 min clocks plot cards and draft

Models Painted

  • 1 point for each model painted by the end of the 6 weeks.
    • An image must be posted to the Hobby Hangout Slack channel to count.

Total of 16 points possible

What Counts?

  • Goal posts count.
  • Terrain counts.
  • Two balls count as one model.

  • All models do not necessarily have to be from the same Guild.

  • Models must be painted to tabletop quality.

Final Tournament - May 18

  • Participation with a fully painted tournament roster - 2 points

  • Highest placing amongst participants 8 points, second highest placing 7 points, etc

Up to 10 possible points


Up to 10 possible points

Gameplay - can be achieved at any time!

  • 1 point if you score a goal with a mascot.
  • 1 point if you score a takeout by pushing a player out of bounds.

  • A photo documenting this must be posted to the Guild Ball Slack Channel.


  • 2 points if you play 13 total league games
  • 2 more points if you play 15 total league games
  • 2 points if you play the same guild for at least one game every week of the league. (Does not include final tournament)
  • 2 points for "Best Painted 6", decided by poll in the Guild Ball Channel in mid May.