Carole Pope Imaging from Town

Carole Pope (Carastro) - Imaging from a Light Polluted Location - Bortle 8

Imaging from a LP location is challenging - but I have found that some of the brighter targets can be achieved.

In the winter months I can rarely get to a dark site due to weather and ground conditions, so I have to make the most of imaging from Home in SE London, where it is around SQM 17.2

This site is to showcase images I have achieved from such a location and hopefully it will inspire those without access to a dark location to get at least some targets.

All images on this site were done from here.

If you wish to see my entire imaging achievements including those from a dark location, go to my other website:

California Nebula NGC1499 Ha 31 x 600s + 4 x900sSii 17 x 300s binned x 2Processed as HSSWO ZS71 and Atik460EX + FR x 0.8 HEQ52018
Spider Nebula IC417 HaRGB SW130PDS & Atik460L Ha 14 x 900RGB 12 x 150secs binned2018

Double cluster Skywatcher 130PDS & Atik460EX Baader CC 10 x 3min Luminance RGB 31 x 90secs binned HEQ5 Total 1 hour 16.5 mins2018
Monkeyhead Nebula NGC2175 Imaged on a supermoon3 x 600Ha + 8 x 900 Ha Oiii + Sii 11 x 300 binned Mapped SHO Atik460EX, EFW2, HEQ5 Skywatcher 130PDS and Baader CC 2018


Mapped HOS and combined with RGB for star colour. 2018
Horsehead NebulaHa 21 x 900secs + 10 x 600secs - RGB 32 x 150 binned total 1hour 20minsGrand total 8 1/4 hoursSW130PDS & Atik460EX, HEQ52017

Horsehead Nebula

Ha almost 7 hours Mixture of 900secs and 600secs 900 x 21 600 x 10SW 150PDS, HEQ5, Atik 460EX

M1 Crab Nebula

Atik314L and SW130PDSHa 8 x 600secsOiii 17.5 mins 300 secs binned & unbinnedSii 12.5 mins 300secs binned & unbinned Total 2 hours 2017

M57 Ring Nebula

Ha collected in 2015 and 2017 combined with DSLR data from 2011

M45 Pleiades

Combination of 3 telescopes, 2 cameras over 3 different years inc some with refractor and some with Reflector. DSLR WO Megrez 72Apo 13 x 5mins 2011Luminance Atik460 + FR x0.8 13 x 5 ED80 Jan 2016LRGB SW130PDS, Atik460, Lum 8 x 900secs, RGB 6 x 300secs binned x 2 each Nov 2016


DBK 21 ED120 + 3 x barlow 2017

Jellyfish Nebula

Ha 2015 Atik 314 3hours 20 mins Ha 2017 9 x 900secs Atik460 + 7 x 300secs binned x 2 in Oiii and SiiBoth with WO ZS71NEQ6 2017

Tadpole Nebula IC410

dual rig.Atik314L+ and WOZS71 + x0.8 FRAtik460EX and ED80 + x0.8 FRHa 31 x 600secsOiii 16 x 600secs, Sii 13 x 600 Grand Total 10 hours.2016

Soul Nebula Feature IC1871

Skywatcher ED80 and Atik314L, Baader FiltersHa 6 x 900secs, + 5 x 1200secsOiii 3 x 900 (sky deteriorating at this stage)Sii 4 x 900secs Mapped SHOTotal time = 4hours 35mins2015

Full lunar eclipse 28-9-2015

11 x 1/1 @ 1600isoModified Canon 450DHEQ5 & ED80

Lunar eclipse Montage


Rosette Nebula NGC2237

Ha 11 x 1200 Atik460EX Oiii Sii from 2014 WO ZS71 + x0.8 focal reducer NEQ62015

Blackeye Galaxy M64

HaRGB with DSLR & Atik Mono

Pacman Nebula NGC281

Ha Oiii OiiiOiii data was not great, so made the best of it.Ha 9 x 1200 secsOiii 5 x 1200 secs Atik314L and Skywatcher ED1202014

Eastern Veil IC1340

Bicolour Ha, Oiii, OiiiAtik314, Skywatcher ED1209 x 1200secs each filterNEQ6 2014

Rosette Nebula

(made front page of Astronomy Now magazine) Ha 9 x 600, Oiii 12 x 600 Sii 5 x 600Atik383L, WO ZS71 APO2014

Bok's globules (Rosette Nebula)


Witches Broom NGC6960 Veil Nebula)

Combination of data taken in July 2011 with modified Canon 450D 18 x 5mins and data taken July 2013 with Atik383L Ha 900 x 14 secs

Ptolemaus Group

Deforked ETX125 and CG5GT

Rosette Nebula

Combined Ha RGB from January 2012 - 7 hours Modified Canon DSLR 450DDec 2012 - 2 hours Ha Atik383L Shown on Stargazing live

M42 Orion Nebula

Nebula taken with QHY8L2013

M42 Orion Nebula

Combined data 2 years apart26 x 5mins Modified Canon 450D2 x 900secs Atik383L Ha Baader 7nm filter

Comet Lovejoy

Atik314L + DSLR for RGBLum approx 1 hour of 2 x 15 & 5 x 5minsDSLR 14 x 2mins stacked manually in photoshop. DSLR and ED120 2015

Solar Mosaic 6 panes

PST & DMK21 2013
A combination of DSLR date taken in November 2011 with a Modified Canon 450D (4hours 5mins) in 5min subs at 800 ISO ED80 - Plus Ha data (3 hours) 12 x 900 secs with an Atik 383L in November 2012 also with the ED80 - Stacked in DSS and aligned with Registar, processed with PS CS3

Butterfly Nebula

Done over 3 nights22-7-12, 2 x 600 secs 400 ISO Modified Canon 450D23-7-12 , 13 x 600 secs 24-7-12, 10 x 600 secstotal 4 hours 10 minutes on the hottest day of the year

Fish head nebula IC1795

11.2.20183 1/2 hours from Home10 x 900secs Ha5 x 300secs Oiii & SiiSkywatcher 130PDSAtik460EX HEQ5

Melotte 15

11-9-2016 from SE London (definitely needs a dark site)Ha 9 x 900 secs Oiii & Sii each 7 x 450 secs binned Atik 314L & SW 150PNEQ6

North America Nebula NGC7000

Mapped SHOReally need a dark site for the Oiii and Sii components. First light for my SW130PDSHa 5 x 15 + 2 x 500secsOiii 3 x 150secs binned x 2Sii 4 x 150 secs binned x 2

Transit of Mercury

NEQ6 ED120 & Modified Canon 450DOnly managed one image due to cloud, had planned to do a mosaic throughout the day.

Plato Crater

DBK 21, ED120 + 3 x barlow

Lunar Appenines

DBK21, ED120 + 3 x Barlow

Clavius Crater

DBK21, ED120 + 3 x Barlow

Lunar eclipse 28-9-2015

Modified Canon 450DHEQ5 & ED80

M27 Dumbell Nebula

SW200PDS Atik383LR = 6 x 600secsG = 4 x 600 secsB = 10 x 600secs

IC1871 Whirling Dervish

Data taken 3 years apart. 2016 ED80 and Atik314L (3 hrs Ha, 45m Oiii & Sii 1 hr)2019 SW130PDS and Atik460EX (3 hrs 20m Ha, 1 hr Oiii, 1 hr Sii)Totals 6 hours 20mins Ha1h 45mins Oiii2 hours SiiGrand total 10 hours 5 mins