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Welcome to the Captain Frank travel site. This site is an extension of our Captain Frank Newsletter to enable our clients to get the latest information on events, destinations and travel communities.

We put a newsletter out each month for our clients discussing current travel news, featured travel partners, great deals and cool stuff. You can get the current issue or see back issues.

We want to make sure our clients know about hot deals at they are happening. We want to make sure our clients don't miss any opportunities for Expedia CruiseShipCenter deals.

New and amazing ships are coming out every year. This is a great place to learn about them.

This a reference site to help our clients dream about vacations and opportunities to have fun. Also, let us know where you want to go for fun. I am pretty sure we will want to go too.

This is a great opportunity for learn about your fellow travelers and their travel adventures.

Travel is all about building communities. Our travel team are travel community builders. We look forward to helping our clients find and build their communities of interest, whether it is European travel, Caribbean travel, river travel, bicycle tours, photography trips, golf tours, expeditionary travel, mahjong tours, poker party trips - we want to go with you on this page.

Our partners in cruising, touring, destination resorts, air, hotel, transportation and insurance are critical to our success and we appreciate their support. Learn more about our partners.

Convenient links for passport, visa and vaccination information .

We dedicated to delivering quality service and travel excellence to our clients. Our Promise is a key element in our training and how we run our Expedia CruiseShipCenter. Our center in Fort Myers has the highest ratings for service and meeting Our Promise in the company. We are proud of this and will continue to deliver great service and client excellence.