Bulk Submissions by Firms/Corporations

If you are a law firm, corporation, or agency looking to submit information for multiple attorneys at once, download this document and fill it in as per the example. Please do not use an older version of the form. If you do, we may need you to resubmit. Make sure to include only the names and honors levels of the eligible attorneys. Then email that list with the subject line "Honor Roll Submission" to Reece Flexner at the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center.  Please include in the body of the email the name and information of someone at your organization whom we can contact in case there are any issues with the submission. The attorneys' names will show up on the list within a few days. Submissions are due by February 23, 2024. 

NOTE: We rely on those filing bulk submissions to correctly list the names and recognition categories of their attorneys. We will not be able to make subsequent changes once filed, so please verify the information with your attorneys prior to submission, especially concerning how they would like their names to appear.

If you have any questions regarding attorney eligibility, please see the FAQ. If the answer is not there, feel free to email us with any questions.