Malvasia Bianca 

(Malva-Zee-Uh) Semi-Dry Crisp White Wine with noted aromas of peaches, apricots, almonds, tropical notes of lychee and guava, and a hint of honey. Live life, have fun, enjoy the wine. 

Texas white wine, 11.4%

Yellow Rose of Texas 

Our Yellow Rose of Texas, just like a rose bud, it will blossom and awaken your taste buds. A sweet white wine with the subtle aroma of citrus and stone fruit. Live life, have fun, enjoy the wine.

Texas white wine, 11.4%

Orange Muscat

Semi-sweet with enticing aromas of orange blossoms, apricot and a hint of pear. Orange Muscat is known as Moscato Fior d'Arancio, meaning "Orange Blossom Muscat" in Italian.

Texas white wine, 11.4%


Your first thoughts will be crisp and bright until the fruity notes hit your taste buds and finish with a hint of honey, this is sure to be a favorite. Made from Texas Grown grapes

2019 Riesling, Texas High Plains region, dry white wine, 12.3%

Sweet Riesling

From the first crisp sip of the aromatic notes of apple and pear to the delicate undertones of honey this is sure to be one of your favorites. Made from Texas Grown grapes.

2019 Sweet Riesling, Texas High Plains region, sweet white wine, 12.3%


A crisp light wine with hints of citrus that will dance on your tongue and make you want to dance in the rain like no one is watching.

2020 Symphony, Lodi region, semi-sweet white wine, 11%


This wine will delight and intrigue you just like it's namesake, Renee. It's smooth and rich buttery notes will not disappoint. Live life, have fun, enjoy the wine. 

2021 Chardonnay, Lodi region, Dry White Wine, 13.2%



This equally dark, deep, and rustic wine, with a warm raspberry jam flavor, with a full body and very fruity finish. Made from Texas Grown grapes.

2019 Tannat, Texas High Plains region, dry red wine, 13.4%

Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep rich and full bodied with warm plum notes and a tobacco finish is sure to enlighten your taste buds. You will feel like you are on the rim of the canyon admiring one of natures’ beauties

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi region, dry red wine, 12% 

Fused- Red Blend

Adjective; joined or blended to form a single entity. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Zinfandel. The trifecta of wines all fused together for one impactful flavor filled experience. Live life, have fun, enjoy the wine. 

2020 Red Wine Blend, Lodi region, dry red wine, 13%



Pretty in pink, a dry, light crisp wine with hints of raspberry and cherry. Live life, have fun, enjoy the wine.

Rose, 13%


The Big Event-Bubbly 

Whether celebrating a big life event or just that the weekend has finally arrived this bubbly wine will add some panache to the day. Life life, have fun, enjoy the wine. 

Rose California, 12%


Appley Ever After- Apple Riesling

You may not find your prince charming but you just might find your new favorite wine. The sweet crisp taste of apple with just a hint of tartness. 

Apple, grape wine with flavor added, 13%

I'm In A Jam- Blackberry

The only thing this jammy blackberry wine is missing is a biscuit. It is a favorite at the winery and is sure to be one of yours as well.

Blackberry, sweet fruit wine, 10%

Island Time- Coconut Lime

No clocks, no meetings, no deadlines, we are running on Island time

Coconut Lime, grape wine with flavor added, 10%

Cranberry Orange Ginger 

As the day comes to an end, you look up in the evening sky and you see a beautiful sunset, the colors melding together to create a beautiful picture worth a thousand words. Cranberry, Orange, Ginger, Sunset.

Cranberry, orange ginger, grape wine with natural flavor added 11%


When I think of fall and winter I think of cold nights, cozy fires, toasting marshmallows and mulled wine. Our spice flavored wine will have you wanting it to be a cold night so you can enjoy a warm mug.

Spiced wine, grape wine with natural spice flavor added, 11%

Cello Yellow- Lemon

Sunshine in a bottle, the bright taste of lemon will make you long for a pool day and a warm summer breeze.

Lemon, sweet fruit wine, 10%

Georgia Devil- Peach

This Peach wine is so sinfully good it will put you in a Georgia state of mind.

Peach, Grape wine with flavor added, 10%

The Final Straw...berry- Strawberry

The final straw...berry, we hope it won't be the last one you try, but it just might become one of your favorites.

Strawberry, sweet fruit wine, 10% 


Watermelon, juicy and sweet. No spitting contests here with seeds, you will want to savor every sweet sip.

Watermelon, sweet fruit wine, 10%