Adventure Activities

Why adventure for students ?

The program aims to build confidence and self-worth while helping the child challenge his or her fears and limits. Below are some of the reasons why schools must include adventure sport programs in their curriculum for the students:

Exposure: School students when taken out for adventure sports get a huge exposure of the environment, the activities. They connect with the local community, food and learn how to stay in groups.

Perspective: While on adventure trips school students gain new perspective about the world as they travel away from home.They learn about the new culture, lifestyle, and community and so they can understand the importance of their own region.

Builds Confidence : Adventure sports builds confidence to fight with the up coming challenges of life. It makes a student stronger and builds his personality so unique and distinguishable.

Enhances Communication: Good communication is a must in all aspects of life. When school students are occupied in adventure activities they build a good relation with their friends, gain the problem-solving skills, and respect the fellow team members and their individual contributions.

Relaxation and fun: Adventure activities soothes one’s mind and school kids are taken out for fun and better interaction with heir own fellow mates. Students interact with all make new friends and come back with a positive note to the classroom.

In taking them out of their protective home environment, kids learnt of end for themselves and become responsible and independent. In experiencing success and enjoying when trying new activities, kids build an openness and willingness to experiment and take risks. Adventure sports for students are highly motivational and practical which are unlikely to be seen from the normal classroom environment. Adventure aims at increasing productivity, encourages students to work in different working environment, it builds team spirit,friendshipandtrust amongsteachother.Adventuresportsarephysicalactivitywhichinvolvesfitnessandmaintains thephysicalmentalbalanceofastudent. AdventureCampsforSchools CANNForSchoolsProgrammeisourmuchrecommendedflagshipprogrammeforstudentsof Grades4-12,manyschoolshasincludedtheprogrammeasanintegralpartoftheircurriculum. Theprogrammeisdesignedinanage-appropriatemanner,followstheexperimentallearning cyclemethodology.