Individuals, groups or businesses can sponsor the band, or a particular concert.

Sponsorship of a full concert.

For a full sponsorship ( $1500.00 ) you get:

1. “This concert sponsored by….” on the front of the program, which is a single, 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of regular stock paper, folded in half (book style).

2. An announcement at the concert, read by our announcer, stating that you are the sponsor of that concert. We can also read a small (10-15 seconds) announcement provided by you, as long as we have that the week before the concert.

3. The ability to put up a small sign or banner, with your logo or name, on the ground in front of, or beside, the band. The banner or sign should be placed at a location and a height that it does not interfere with audience sight lines. Placement will vary a bit from venue to venue.

4. A listing in the program, typically on the back page, that indicates you are a sponsor. It is placed in the program once a sponsorship is received for a given year, and runs for the remainder of that year's concert season and also for the following year’s concert season.

5. A listing, similar to the the sponsorship listing in the program, on our website.

Contributions of any amount other than a full concert sponsorship.

For any contribution, you get:

1. A listing in the program, typically on the back page directly below the “sponsors” listing. This listing continues in each program from the time the contribution is made until the end of that year’s concert season.

2. A listing, similar to the listing in the program, on our website.

These are our standard offerings. If you would like something else, such as partial sponsorship or joint sponsorship with another organization, that can be arranged.

In addition to sponsor and contributor information, the program contains a listing of all pieces to be performed at the concert, so most attendees take a program. Our average attendance is approximately 100 people. We have rain locations for all but one concert this year and indoor concerts have been well attended in the past.

Please contact us for customized advertising programs.