Canon printers have transfigure the printing epoch by building adaptable and high-quality printers. The Canon printers are compatible with a lot of devices such as Mac and Windows. The users can expeditiously print using the Canon printer without meeting any bug. With the Canon printers, the users can do a lot of functions like printing, scanning, copying, and faxing without facing any problem.

The Top Canon Pixma Models!

1. Overall best: Canon PIXMA TR8520.

2. Popular model: Canon PIXMA iP110.

3. Amazing for printing pictures: Canon Pixma iP8720.

4. Best Wireless: Canon PIXMA TR150.

Connecting the Canon printer to the wireless network!

If the Canon printer has a touchscreen, abide by the guidelines coming up to link your printer to the network:

  • At first, to start with, access the LAN Settings from the Device Settings or ‘Wireless Settings’ menu

  • Next, choose the Wireless LAN Setup option after selecting the Wireless LAN.

  • Now, opt for the Manual Setup option.

  • Secondly, the Canon Pixma printer will search for accessible networks

  • Further, select the wireless network from the menu.

  • At last, link the Canon printer to the wireless network by providing the network key.

How to perform Canon printer setup?

Make use of the below guidelines to set up the Canon Printer:

  • To start with the Canon Pixma Printer setup, insert the Canon CD into the computer to start the installation

  • Or else access a browser, then go to the Canon support site.

  • In there, click the Set up option

  • After that, provide the Canon printer model in the field, then click Go

  • Next, click Download to install the software on the computer

  • Access the file to start with the installation process by clicking Start Setup

  • Secondly, abide by the quick on-screen directions to proceed during the installation process

  • Finally, the software will recognize the Canon Pixma printer and click Yes to confirm

Canon pixma|canon pixma printers

How to perform the Canon Printer Wireless Setup?

If the Canon Printer is in the easy Wireless Connect Mode, carry on with the upcoming steps:

  • Firstly, the list of accessible wireless networks will be displayed

  • Next, the users must choose the network from the list

  • After that, key in the wireless network key

  • Finally, the Canon Pixma printer connects to the wireless network.

How to get the Canon Pixma Printer driver?

Make use of the below guidelines to obtain the driver for the Canon Pixma printer:

  • At first, insert the Printer Driver Software CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.

  • Next, double-click the My Computer icon and choose the CD-ROM drive icon.

  • Then, double-click the folders: PCL or UFRII

  • Double-click the Setup.exe icon to begin the installation procedure.

  • In the first box of the PCL or UFR II Printer Driver Setup Wizard, select

  • Go through the permit contract carefully and click Yes.

  • After that, choose Manually Set Port to Install and click Next.

  • Secondly, choose the printer driver you want to install from Printer List and then click Add.

  • Verify that the printer driver you want to install is chosen in Printer List for Driver Installation and tap Next.

  • On the other hand, choose a port and enter a printer name.

  • Check for the installation settings and choose

  • After the files are copied, tap Exit to complete the installation.

  • Restart the computer when a notification is displayed, prompting you to do so.

  • The driver is now installed and completes the Canon printer drivers.

Using web

Abide by the steps to install Canon drivers or software for the printer:

  • At first, navigate to the Canon Support page to start with the Canon Pixma printer setup.

  • Provide the Canon model in the box and when the model appears below the box, click it.

  • Moreover, enter the model name of the product, then click on its listing.

  • Secondly, choose Drivers & Downloads.

  • Select the Drivers, Software, or Firmware tab based on what you want to install.

  • Next, opt for the Select button to the right of the software or driver file you need to get.

  • And the Select button then becomes a Close button.

  • Finally, choose Download to save the file to the computer.


Why does the Canon Pixma Printer go offline? How to solve it?

The below guidelines can help you to solve the Canon Printer going offline:

  • If the Canon Pixma printer go offline, then verify whether that the printer offline option is enabled on the printer.

  • If yes, then disable the printer offline option, which lets the printer go offline.

  • By these actions, enjoy the canon printing experience without any troubleshooting.

Why is the Canon Printer Not Responding?

Make use of the below instructions to solve the Canon Printer not responding error:

  • If the Canon Pixma printer is not acknowledging, then check that the printer has a wireless connection to the wireless router.

  • To solve this, then restart the printer and key in the correct SSID and password for the network.

  • Further, check whether the printer is responding or not.

  • In case if the issue persists, then make sure to perform the software update.

  • If yes, uninstall the software and reinstall it once again.

  • Finally, verify that the printer gets the proper network, as sometimes the signal of the router.

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