Entreprendre & Innover n°40

Special Issue

Entrepreneurship Education

Appel à com EI n 40 - éducation Entrepreneuriale.pdf

The best original texts responding to the main theme allowing a dialogue between practitioners and researchers (be careful to respect the instructions to the authors of this review that will be transmitted to the participants) and retained by the Scientific Committee will be proposed to the journal Entreprendre & Innover (classified category 4 FNEGE) for a special issue n°40 devoted to EE 

Caroline VERZAT, ESCP Europe Business School Paris, 
Saulo DUBARD BARBOSA, emlyon Business School, 
Stéphane FOLIARD, Jean Monnet University, St-Etienne , 
Mohsen TAVAKOLI, EM-Lyon Business School & University Grenoble Alpes (CERAG)). 

The papers will be peer reviewed according to the rules of double blind procedures.

The conference and the special issue will work together. It cold be a good opportunity to challenge your paper during the conference before applying for a publication. If your paper is ready to be published, your ideas could be really useful for policy makers, practitioners and researcher during the conference.  


In order to promote and spread the work as widely as possible, we are organizing a TEDx University on Friday, on March 8th 2019 in the afternoon. Speakers will present and disseminate their ideas. The principle of TEDx is to popularize to spread the worth ideas widely. The subject will have to be simplified and the presentations should last for 18 minutes maximum. The number of speakers will be between 6 and 10.