CAMP II: Saturday Night Dance, September 14th

September 9, 2019
We are so excited that you have agreed to be part of Monuments to Escape: Saturday Night Dance. This letter will (hopefully) give you all the information that you need for next Saturday September 14 but please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
In the next day (hopefully) there are a few things that I will need from you as a participant:
Please let me know ASAP if you have any food allergies or restrictions, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please send a brief (approx. 200 word) bio of yourself that can be shared with other participants.
For the day of we will be meeting at the Princess Pocotopaug Lodge which is at 9 Seminole Trail, East Hampton CT, 06424. There is parking in front of the lodge and the beach (one of two) is about a .2 mile walk from the lodge. If it is raining we will spend the day at the lodge and use this as the site for dancing, eating, and generally hanging out. I am crossing my fingers for good weather but whatever happens it should be a lovely day.
Please bring the following items:
Clothes you feel comfortable dancing in. We plan on dancing outside on the beach. If it is raining we might be dancing indoors on a concrete floor. Bring layers especially if its cool or rainy. A text to share that reflects your current research or interests, or generally inspires you. Preferably on paper so that others can read it later.Snacks if you have special food needs. A reusable water container.
Optional To Bring:
A swimsuitA towel Costume Items to share - We’ll set up a small area with costumes in case people want to playA Notebook Recorded music if you prefer this to musician. We will provide a bluetooth speaker. Craft or Art Project if you have one you are working on
You will see below that there are some small revisions in the schedule but it is generally as follows:

9:30 am – 10 am Arrival and Light Breakfast at the lodge
10:30 am – 11:30 am Noyes Rhythm Class on the Beach
11:30 am – 12:30 pm Participant Introductions. Bring a text (on paper) that is meaningful to you to share.
12:45 pm – 2:00 pm Indigenous Food Lunch and Lecture provided by Rachel Sayet
1:45 pm – 2 pm Sign up for sharing slots (concurrent with lunch)
2 pm – 5 pm Each performer gets 15-minute improvisation practice on the beach. Musician Joseph Getter will be there to provide sound, or you can work with recorded music via bluetooth speakers.
During this “downtime,” there is the opportunity for reflection and creation including: discussion, drawing or painting or crating, a costume space, a reading room, postcard writing, kayaks, a paddleboard, and wandering.
5:30 pm Sharing of Improvisations on the beach. This is not a public performance per se, instead it is meant for one another and for neighbors. I have included an invitation below in case you want to invite select friends.
7:15 pm Reception with light refreshment at the lodge.
Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Warmly, Rebecca
P.S. I have provided some further links below including
Chatham Historical Society:
Rachel Sayet
Monuments to Escape
Rebecca Pappas

CAMP I // MAY 6-7 Mon-Tues // Slumber Party


Patricia Carhart Collins

Lisa Race

Nikki Lee

Joya Powell

Stephanie Turner

Kellie Ann Lynch

Ginette Christie

Rebecca Pappas

Marisa Williamson

Rachel Sayet

Charles Borowicz

Kalidasa Joseph Getter

Dear Artist-Friend,

A few weeks ago, when there was still snow on the ground,

I did a solo overnight in a cabin at the northern boundary of Massachusetts.

The New England Trail terminates there. And, I feared I might also come to an end.

But, I prevailed. And, you can too!

If you find yourself in the area...
Join me for an OVERNIGHT ON THE TRAILMONDAY MAY 6TH - TUESDAY MAY 7THNorthfield, MARSVP for exact location
I will provide essentials such aswaterflashlights/lanternsfirewoodgeneral first aidutensils / toolsdinner (vegan? gluten free?)and breakfast
Plan to bring a sleeping bagpillowa tent if you have onemedications / personal first aidwarm cloths (socks, sweater, sweatpants, pajamas)shoes for uneven terrainbasic toiletriesa little towelsnacksa story to tell around the campfire
Inside the cabin is a loft with 3 twin mattressesOutside are 2 tent platforms
There is a porta-potty on the site...
Note 1 Pass this invitation along to any creative, adventurous fem-friendly friend who might be interested.
Note 2 This is not the adventure for everyone.Is it the adventure for you? Let's talk!
Note 3 Comfortable space is limitedRSVP

UNTITLED (Scarecrow) 2019 - New England Trail"Always leave word of your destination and expected time of return with someone at home.Don't let your ego kill you."