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Construction Updates! May 2022

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Envision the Future

3 - Building Project

There is a saying that if you build they will come! Here at Camp Fontanelle they are coming and we need to build. There is a need like never before for our children to experience camp. With a busy world with a constant barrage of worldly messages on electronic devices, there is need for “Be still and know God”. God is always trying to speak, but we often don’t hear or listen. Listening and hearing happen at camp.

Jesus shared in the parable of the lost sheep that it is worth searching for saving just 1 lost sheep. This past summer 140 children indicated they accepted Christ for the first time!!! I invite you to prayerfully consider how you might make an impact in the Branching Out campaign to allow even more campers to hear God’s voice at Camp Fontanelle and make a difference here in eastern Nebraska and the world. May God bless you in obedience to God’s calling.

In gratitude,

Trent Meyer

Camp Fontanelle Site Director

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