Audition - FAQs

1. I have been playing for years, but I have never performed an auditioned. Do you have any advice?

It is very common for new students to perform their very first audition here at Cal Poly Pomona. We are a very welcoming program, and are interested in meeting players at all levels of experience and ability. If you are new to auditioning, the best advice would be to make sure that you have taken time to practice (the greatest source of anxiety during auditions is a lack of preparation; if you are prepared, you will be a lot less nervous!) Finally, remember that the person hearing your audition genuinely wants for you to succeed and do well. The goal of an audition is to learn about you as a person and as a performer; it is not intended to be stressful or intimidating.

2. What should I wear for the audition?

There are no requirements with regard to attire during auditions. However, presenting a good image of yourself does have a positive impact upon the person hearing your audition. Our advice would be to go the middle route: clean casual or business casual with good personal grooming and hygiene.

3. Can I audition for more than one band?

Yes. Students are able to perform in both Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds/Concert Band, provided he/she completes a successful audition for the Wind Ensemble (preparing the WE audition excerpt & audition requirements) as it is the highest level ensemble. Students only preparing the Concert Band audition excerpt will only be considered for the Concert Band. Some students are unsure if they are capable of auditioning well and/or performing in the Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Winds, in which case I encourage students to prepare the Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Winds audition excerpt and understand if you do not make it you can enroll and participate in the Concert Band.

4. Where can I practice once I am at Cal Poly Pomona?

The Music Building has several practice rooms on the first floor. Generally speaking, these rooms are available for use by all students. As you might imagine, it gets fairly busy in the practice rooms during the academic work day; however, if you come by early in the morning or late in the evening, you should have no trouble finding an available practice room.

You may also use these rooms to warm-up prior to your audition.

5. Do you have any general audition advice?

Generally speaking, the best advice is to “be yourself” and “be prepared”. Although very simple and straightforward, if you can manage to fulfill both those ideals, you will have a wonderful audition. The following provide some general advice that would benefit anyone performing an audition.

· Practice with a metronome

· At the site. . .warm-up alone and do not listen to other players

· Think highly of your playing. If you don't respect your musicianship, no one else will

· Demonstrate your ability to communicate musically

· Maintain a positive appearance even if you do not play well

· Demonstrate that you are a good colleague as well as a good musician

· Show confidence without being cocky