Welcome to the Virtual Calming Room

Well done, scholar! By taking the time to breathe and refocus, you are taking care of your body and mind!

Scroll down and click on the way you want to find your calm and focus.

Click here to be reminded to take a mindful moment throughout the day. Don't forget to click "set!"

Mindfulness Hip-Hop

Do you like hip-hop? My favorite hip-hop mindfulness artist is JusTme. Shoutout to JusTme who time and time again brings the light in the dark, and brings the breath-work where and when we need it most!

Check out his videos here, and check out the one below

How do you want to breathe?

30 Second Breath Bubble

Shape Breathing

Take 5 Breathing Strategy

Nature Relaxation

Journey with your eyes and ears to a relaxing place

Aquatic Journey

Fly With Nature Journey

Ocean Wave Journey

Sight & Sound Relaxation

Treat your eyes, ears, and brain to a calming experience

Glitter Bottle Calm

Kaleidoscope Calm

Flickering Flame Focus

Body Scan

Components of a Body Scan

Still feeling anxious, stressed, or upset?

Try these strategies below!

  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious/stressed, or have a head ache?

    • Lay down on your back with your feet up against the wall (or put your feet high in the air) and your hands on your belly, breathe deep like this

    • Kneel and put your forehead to the floor in child's pose Like this!

    • Stand tall and bend at the hips, folding forward, grab your elbows and shake your head no, then yes, like this

  • Need some happiness?

    • Smile -- it changes the chemicals in your body to release happy hormones instantly. Bonus: Try laughing.

    • Make someone else smile: give someone a compliment, do something nice for someone in your home. It may be as simple as leaving a post it note on their bed that says, "I appreciate you." Bonus -- be specific -- "Thanks for making breakfast." or "You make my day when we hug."

    • If you have a pet, give your pet a snuggle, describe aloud why he/she is a great pet.

    • Make a list of the things that you are grateful for, then say them out loud (start with the simple stuff: air to breathe, food to eat, then move into details like

    • 1 minute dance party -- don't have music? Sing it. Dance it. Be silly. Be you. (Be sure to put yourself on mute)

    • Tired eyes?

    • Look out your window and try to find the farthest point you can see, then focus on that spot, naming every detail

    • Without moving your head, move your eyes all the way left, right, up, down, top left to bottom right, then top right to bottom left. Repeat open then repeat closed.

  • Feeling tired?

    • Do 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, and 10 mountain climbers, repeat 3 times, or until you feel your breath quicken and your body wake up

    • If you have stairs, walk up and down the stairs 2 times

    • Did I mention 1 minute dance party? Do it! (Be sure to put yourself on mute)

Want to learn more about Mindfulness?

The Mindful Life Project is all about creating a mindful life. Follow this link and scroll down to "Mindful Sits. to hear some pro-mindfulness teachers lead you through mindful exercises.

Keep scrolling in this link to find songs about mindfulness, too.

Want to learn about the brain and how mindfulness helps your learning?

Click this link to learn about how mindfulness helps your brain (and you) be your best self.

A story of two wolves. Which will win?

Click the link to find out.

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