Lake Keepers Camp

Citizens’ Association of Liberty Lakes (CALL) has offered a week-long summer camp for children grades 3-5 since 2006 to explore lake science through games, talks, and hands-on activities. We emphasize subjects such as erosion, the watershed, fish and other wildlife who live in and around the lake, and invasive plants. Camp will take place July 29 - August 2, 2024. Applications are available below.

Many interesting topics are covered at camp, but in a fun way, with games and activities the children will enjoy. As examples, students learn how a watershed is created and how to keep our lakes clean by preventing non-point source pollution. They also experience the "Hooked on Fishing" programs and enjoy an informative hike on the last day of camp. To date, the program has served approximately 100 area youth, some of whom have attended more than once.

Please complete this application and return to Sheri Beth Scovil at:

Our deadline is Friday, June 21 and class size is limited; please complete the application at your earliest convenience. 

Lake Keepers Camp Registration.pdf