Pastor Matt Johnson

Pastor Matt grew up on an island in the Caribbean. His parents were missionaries. They retired in 2012 after 46 years of service. Pastor Matt left the island to attend college in Tennessee. There he met his wife, a girl from Kansas. After they were married and moved to Kansas, they started their family. They have three grown children, two son-in-laws and five grand children.

Pastor Matt has been involved in ministry since he was old enough to teach a small Sunday school class and help in leading worship. He has had the opportunity to work in ministry related occupations. When not involved in ministry related occupations he found ways to serve in his church, teaching Sunday school for adults, young people and elementary kids. He worked in Children's Church and led worship during the church services.

Pastor Matt has always felt that he should be a part of the church and lead from the sidelines or behind the scenes. The Lord has now asked him to be up front in church leadership.

Pastor Matt is assigned to Caldwell First UMC in a half-time position. You can view the calendar and see when he will be in town other than on Sunday. He looks forward to being a part of the Caldwell community as time will allow. You are welcome to stop by the office when you see "the pastor is in" sign on the outside of the building.

Spiritual Gift Assessment

You will need to download and print this document. Once you answer the questions, write your name on the first page, bring the assessment to Pastor Matt for scoring and discussion.