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Hi Michele,

My mom finally ate a piece of cake yesterday. She said she didn’t want to ruin it. She also said it was rich and delicious! Thank you so much for helping to make her day special. I will definitely be in touch.


Hi Michele,

The cakes were a huge hit. Everyone loved them. The best part was seeing my mother's face. She was so happy to be sharing in the cake part of the party.

I actually haven't tasted the carrot cake yet--I had 2 pieces of the chocolate and was too full to try it. I have a piece it in my fridge that Bob and I are going to fight over tonight.

Thank you!


Michelle Hirsch Michele - Our cake was AMAZING! Your cake is the BEST out there! Thank you so much for making our anniversary so special! xoxo

Hi Michele,

I wanted to let you know how amazing your latest creation was. I love it and so do my parents and everyone else who has tried it. As of yesterday, the cake was still as moist and delicious as the first day. But the best part is the frosting and the ganache. Yum!


Hi Michele,

The cake is WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Ray felt very special having his own birthday cake. The aroma of the chocolate when we opened the box was was hard to wait for it to warm up a bit but we followed the baker's rules. :-)

Also love the texture of the cake (to me it's more like cake than some of these light-as-air confections) and the flavor is complex and could be addictive.


siblack08 Jan 11

Thank you for making such a delicious and beautiful cake. Everyone enjoyed it so much. It matched the decor wonderfully.

You truly have a gift which brings smiles and joy to others.


The cake was outstanding, everyone raved about the flavors. It was so cute and made for a special day.

Thank you,

Rachel H. Casteel