Quarter 3 - Advisory

To complete AMI work without an internet connection, students will need to download AMI assignments onto their Chromebooks prior to the AMI day.

To download the work onto a Chromebook:

1) Students will use the link sent to them via email.

2) The AMI High School folder will open.

3) Students should go to the folder or document for each of their classes. (These are listed by the teacher’s name. **Each teacher has several classes. Students will need to make sure they are downloading the work for their class.**)

4) Once the document is open: Click File, then click download. Download as the Microsoft option.

        • Students must do this for each class.

5) To view assignments offline: (Please go over this with students to make sure their assignments downloaded correctly. It will also show them how to get to their downloaded AMI assignments.)

  1. Close out any open tabs in Google Chrome.
  2. Have the students turn off their wifi by clicking the wifi symbol in the bottom right corner. In the wifi pop up box, click the blue circle to disconnect wifi.
  3. Open Google Chrome.
  4. Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner (under the “x” that closes the program).
  5. Go to Downloads.
  6. Each AMI document should be located in this folder. To open the file, you must click on the blue file name, and not the black hyperlink.
  7. Have students check to make sure they open before turning their wifi back on.