My name's Chris Davis and I'm a senior Additive Manufacturing Specialist for the jewelry industry. My journey began back in 1996 when I started working a night shift at Stuller Inc. in Lafayette Louisiana. I was strictly doing pre-polishing of freshly casted rings, pendants, earrings, findings, etc while going to college during the day. Two years later I enrolled in an advanced stone setting class in order to progress and expand my knowledge of the trade. Having taken a few tests and progressing through the years I became a Master 2 stone setter.

With this level of knowledge my daily tasks were to help with production on the bench, offer training and mentoring to fellow associates, carrying out laser repairs on products, and assuming accountability for problem jobs that needed special attention.

Ten years later in 2008 I was invited to the Executive Director's office. He asked if I were interested in using my very unique skillset to begin a CAD/CAM division. I couldn't have agreed fast enough! Not only was this an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an internal startup within the company but this was also a brand new manufacturing strategy that very few people knew or understood, inside the company and out. Presently I maintain over $1.1 million in Additive Manufacturing assets from resin printers, wax printers, and CNC mills.

Currently I am employed by a small e-commerce jewelry manufacturer in Dallas, TX.

Below is a quick overview of the types of hardware that I have the privilege to have learned about inside and out:

Envisiontec P4 DLP/LED

Envisiontec Micro cDLM

Envisiontec Vida cDLM

Asiga HD Max


Solidscape 3Z Max II

Solidscape T76+


3D Systems Projet 1200

Revo 540 CX

NS CNC Mira 6

Rofin / Starweld Laser Welders

Here's a general overview of the design software that I'm proficient in:

Rhino 5 / 6 / 7

Matrix 8

Matrix 9

Zbrush (limited)

Matrix Gold

Grasshopper Gold